To have Pets

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Professional dog training in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

1. To teach the owner to properly train the dog, and the dog obedience skills!

2. To develop the dog’s conditioned reflexes (skills ) of the team allowing the owner to control the dog without a leash in any environment, regardless of the number of distracting external stimuli (factors work).

3. To teach You (the dog owner) the right to manage (train) your dog in any environment.

4. To train You how to train a dog without making any mistakes.

5. To maximize the understanding of the dog and the owner.

6. To make Your living together with the dog comfortable, built on mutual understanding only brings emotions in Your life.

What will make you and specialist at each session that will able your dog after the first lesson is to read here

The contents of fighting dogs may require a license, the Commission of Moscow city Duma on environmental policy deems it appropriate to impose severe restrictions on content in homes and apartments dogs, which belong to the group of fighting breeds. Continue reading

What to feed – the Pyrenean mountain dog has puppies

Recommendations on natural feeding Pyrenean mountain dog:

(As you gain experience article is constantly updated. )

To avoid gross errors in feeding, you need to understand that the domestic dog is genetically 99% wolf. In the process of breeding a variety of species changed only the appearance and the psyche, but all the internal organs, including the digestive system, the dog remained exactly the same as wild wolf. The predator’s teeth are designed to tear meat and crush bones. Wide gullet for swallowing large pieces. Single-chamber stomach and short intestine. Very concentrated gastric juice, necessary for digestion meat. Therefore, the domestic dog wants to eat like a wolf – i.e. the food, which suited her body. Wolves in nature they eat mainly meat. To compensate for the minerals they chew a lot of bones and cartilage. Killing hoofed animal, the wolf, cuts his belly and, in the first place, consumes the stomach with its contents (half-digested grass) – so the predator gets necessary for normal digestive enzymes, bacteria and plant fiber. Do not refuse from predators and bird eggs, small rodents and even insects. In summer, wolves eat fruits and berries. Caring the owner must feed your dog this set of products, which is very close to the natural diet of a wolf.

Two-month puppy is fed 4 to two times a day, four months of age, 3 times, with a ten-month – 2 times. Continue reading

Unusual Pets in the homes of celebrities

As you know, celebrities love to surprise not only for its unexpected outfits and luxurious homes, but also very unusual Pets. If they make the usual cats and dogs, you will certainly pamper their brothers by visits to spas, good food and exclusive clothing. But some famous people pass all the facets and make the house truly unusual animals, such as Nicolas cage on the property which they live are the real Cobra.

It is not uncommon for animals celebrities and procedures, such as chipping. So, for example, chipping of the cats enables a celebrity to always be in the know about the whereabouts of their pet. But cats are perhaps the most obvious inhabitants of the houses singers, actors and show-men. So, Nicolas cage has decided to try to be original and brought home a predatory and dangerous Pets. Neighbors, who had learned from an interview with a secular news that in the home cage live venomous snakes, requires the actor to reptiles handed over to the zoo.

Michael Tyson and his beloved pigeons No less than other celebrities to surprise the public was a success and the titular boxer Michael Tyson. As recognized by the athlete, from childhood he is a fan of pigeons, but today, becoming a wealthy man, he can afford sumerianjoki pigeon in the co-op in new Jersey. However, the love for the pigeons has not prevented the Tyson to hire to care for the birds special trainer Vinnie Torre. Boxer is very proud of their birds. By the way, among these beautiful birds is many birds with a fine pedigree. Continue reading

Male or female: how to make the right choice

If you have thoughts about what would be nice to have a kitten, you have to make a choice in favor of the cat or cats. Naturally, at a young age scratchy nothing from each other do not differ. However, the nature changes with time. Behavior is formed and gradually the difference between them becomes significant. In this review we will talk about who is better – male or female?

Common myths about Pets

Among people there are many opinions.

Cats are attributed to such parameters that are not typical of cats:

They hunt and food to their produce kittens, while cats are doing nothing.

Their loyalty knows no bounds.

Clean and much neater, than with cats.

More affectionate and tame.

However, in reality it is not so. If cats get acquainted, we can see that they are in the above parameters are not inferior to the female half. And hunt actively, and are good defenders, and the owner of the cat can turn out excellent. Continue reading

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