To have Pets

Exotic animals that can be tamed

The tarantula looks menacing, but is quite suitable for the role of pet in the right hands. He needs a warm terrarium with moist air and food in the form of live insects or small rodents. Villi of spiders can cause an allergic reaction, and it stings, though not deadly to humans, can cause severe intoxication.

Reaction to the spider venom from each individual and can be manifested through several years of interaction with this animal. For dogs, cats and other Pets bite of the tarantula can be fatal. Beginners are usually recommended a few species of spiders that do not show aggression and not too demanding in terms of content.

Turtles – beautiful and funny animals interesting to watch. Some of them are even trainable. For a happy life next to a man the turtles right conditions resembling their natural redouane. For tortoises is a warm terrarium with UV lamp for water aquarium with the shore or a snag and a water filter. Keep the turtle in a cardboard box or leave on the floor of the apartment – it’s cruel.

As a rule, the apartments have small turtles, but if you can afford a large aquarium or terrarium, nothing prevents to buy a big turtle. For example, African spurred a land turtle like Leonardo Di Caprio. These turtles can reach a weight of 100 kg and a length of 70 cm, the lifespan of animals is about 50 years.

Villabruna Vietnamese pig has been bred for meat, but thanks to his good temper, cleanliness, ability for socialization and small size, these pigs spread around the world as Pets. In their behavior a lot of pure dog shit: they are attached to their master, loves to be stroked and scratched, trainable. Continue reading

Mongolian gerbils — pet rodents

Millions of people live in cities, large and small. And almost everyone dreams of a house a friend who always waited for him. But most of us are unable to have a dog and walk nowhere, and not enough time. And to know that the dog because of your mode of life and suffering does not receive proper attention, hard.

Of course, you can get a cat, but it is not everyone can afford — the smell is annoying, spring “booze”, allergic to the fur of the relatives. Aquarium. Just because fish are dumb. Although it is very interesting to observe this “little ocean”, which is always peace and tranquility. But in the hands of the fish will not take…

So, rodents remain Pets — animals interesting and fun! Mice, rats, degu, hamsters, marmots, susliks, jerboas, gerbils (Mongolian, noon, kustistost) — a lot of different species of animals that no longer live near the person. Stop your choice on the Mongolian gerbils — fluffy irrepressible optimists, which are ideal for keeping in the apartment.

First of all, gerbils can be active not only at night, like most rodents, but during the day! Then there is no need to wait until the evening to see how your friend’s eating or playing— he is ready to frolic anytime! Once you approach the terrarium Continue reading

Pets exotic animals

Probably, already you will surprise nobody with such Pets as cats, dogs and fish. But Pets exotic animals are still a novelty for many of us. You probably already knew that today we will talk about domesticated exotic animals, rather, we learn how to choose an animal and how to contain.

Before you start an exotic pet at home, think of people you like – maybe you have more soul birds or mammals, and can be insects or reptiles. Among mammals are very popular Pets ferrets, chinchillas and dwarf pigs. Choose from reptiles snakes, sometimes venomous, turtles, iguanas, newts, chameleons, and even crocodiles. From insects to mention a giant tarantulas, Madagascar cockroaches and cockroaches. From birds, parrots.

Choosing an exotic pet, you should determine money and time, as some animals require special care. There are unpretentious exotic animals that do not require specific living conditions and food, and for many required eyes.

To buy an exotic pet is recommended only in specialized nurseries and stores. If you buy an animal with hands, it can become the owner of the smuggled animal. Such animals state so much money, but it is not examined and quarantined, and it follows that it can be unhealthy. To cure an exotic animal will need a lot of money. Now think what is better to buy a healthy animal, albeit for a decent amount of money or spend twice more for the animal, which cost you inexpensive?

Choosing and buying an exotic pet, you should think about its content and power. Now in the Internet there is a lot of information that will help you answer many of your questions. As for help, you can go to the vet, which you all munched and lay the shelves. Continue reading

Pets for children

“Buy me a dog” – who has not heard this phrase from the child? Every child dreams about a pet. Someone on the big dog, someone on the tiny Hummingbird. What to do parents in this situation? To buy a pet for a child or not? If you allow, then what animal to choose, what is the minimum age to have a pet? There is a lot of the issues we will examine in more detail.

Pets for child – Caprice or necessity?

The age of the child

In 2-3 years the child cannot care for a pet, but he would be happy to observe all of your actions, and can even help. It is better to start with birds, fish or hamster. In older age, when the child becomes independent and can take care not only about yourself, you can afford those Pets, but the care and feeding of the child takes over. He will learn to be responsible, not to miss the feeding, changing hygiene products. He will have his personal friend. But in 7-8 years, the child not only to play with him, to care for, feed, but also to participate in education, to walk the pet.

What kind of pet to have?

You need to consider many factors: your financial possibilities, from your living space to the character of your child. If you have a small apartment then a big dog would not be very appropriate to the animal and not comfortable,and you closely. So choose small breed dogs or cats.You need to consider your time. Will you be able to pay due attention to the pet, as most of the care burden will fall on your shoulders. Dogs need special care, they should be carding, wash paws after each walk, to buy the necessary goods for dogs in Moscow. With regard to the nature of the animal, then pick up individually. A quiet child will find it difficult to adapt to the noisy and restless little friend. Mobile and Vice versa.
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Live exotic. Selection of unusual pet
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Pets help autistic children to develop self-confidence
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