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The most expensive Pets

10. Cause

Mummies of cats, House, semi-wild animals, descendants of a marsh lynx were found during the excavation of ancient Egyptian graves. House have strong muscular body, rare dog is able to overcome them. In addition, this cat not afraid of water, so the Egyptians used it for hunting waterfowl.

In the 1960s, Americans crossed house homemade Abyssinian cat, resulting in a new, friendly to man, a breed of cause. These cats are not only high intelligence and strong need in human society, but also a beautiful appearance: they have a slender body, tall slender legs and small paws, mobile ears, are often decorated with fluffy tassels. Cause can be brown (ticked tabby), black or grizzled (black with silver tips).

The cost of cause first generation reaches 3 000 $.

9. Bengal cat

One parent of the Bengal cat and the wild Asian leopard cat, and the second is an ordinary domestic Abyssinian or Egyptian Mau. Like all hybrids, Bengal-friendly nature, strong curiosity and love to hunt. They love to play in water, can catch fish and enjoy swimming.

Motivates and captivates people of Bengal cat the stunning patristische: contrasting black or dark brown marble color Golden-orange background. Continue reading

Diseases of dogs and cats transmitted to humans

Many pet owners ask yourself one very important question is what disease you can catch from your pet. And the question is not so idle. Many of the disease. which Pets are sick, and dangerous for people.

Diseases transmitted to humans from animals are called a zooanthroponosis .

About 30 diseases that affect dogs and cats, pose a serious danger for humans. These include the helminth infections, toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis and others. People become infected during contact with wild and domestic animals. Consider the most dangerous disease in dogs and cats, which often exposed our Pets and can infected person.

Leptospirosis (infectious jaundice, Stuttgart disease, Weil disease) is an acute disease that affects mammals and people. The disease is usually transmitted through urine of infected animals or surrounding objects that were already infected, most often in places with high humidity, especially where there is standing water.

Contact Leptospira enter the body through mucous membranes or damaged skin. Once in the body, Leptospira begin to multiply in the blood, in the epithelium of tubules of kidneys and liver, leading to damage not only them but also other organs.

Specific prevention from leptospiraceae vaccination in dogs associated special vaccines.

When applied passive immunization hyperimmune serum is able to protect the animal from infection for about two weeks. Continue reading

Pets help autistic children to develop self-confidence

A pet can significantly improve social interaction of children with autism. If in previous studies the focus was on dogs, a new study showed that any pet has a positive effect on the child .

Scientists say that a pet is a great advantage in the treatment of autistic children.

The comparison showed that children with autism, in the house where the dog lives, have better social skills than those with no pet. But more importantly, any pet has a positive impact on the child’s behavior – he’s more willing to contact with people and answering their questions, says Dr. Gretchen Carlisle, research fellow Research centre for the study of interaction between man and animal (Research Center for human-animal interaction ReCHAI) College of Veterinary medicine University of Missouri.

Typically, these social skills are given to autistic children with difficulty, but, as research has shown that Pets helped them develop confidence.

The presence of animals in the home or the classroom promotes more active communication healthy children with each other. The same applies to autistic people.

According to Carlisle, when healthy children see on the street “special” children, kotoryjraspolagaet pet, they stop, and between children tied communication. Continue reading

Room birds. Canary

According to an ancient legend Canaries appeared first on Canary Islands, and the Islands were part of the sunken Atlantis. Small yellow birds were the sirens, whose beautiful voice lured sailors with. But after a while the sirens for some strange reason, turned into little yellow birds. Still little wild birds live in the Canary Islands, high above sea level in the mountains covered with dense forest. For the first time the Canaries have found the Spanish navigators, who were delighted with the magical singing of these amazing birds.

Later the Spanish conquistadors decided to sell songbirds with the aim to increase their financial condition, the way Canaries were brought to Europe. Their calculation was correct, as the Canaries were expensive, and became rich thanks to them, hundreds of Spanish sailors. It was not until the fourth century. The shopkeepers went to the trick, they sold only males because they sing very well, and cannot produce offspring. But one day near the island of Elba the ship going to Leghorn, was shipwrecked, and many males Canaries were on the island. Here they were crossed with females of these finches and they had offspring. Charles Darwin described in his works about this crossing. Continue reading

The most unusual Pets

What animals man can tame and make them your Pets? Yes different – crocodiles, lions, deer, etc. They walk with them through the streets, as with dogs. Imagine how surprised their neighbors, when they see a crocodile on a leash. Watch a selection of Photos of the most unusual Pets.

Recently we wrote about the most bizarre and rare animals of our planet . this theme will be a bit similar, except that here we will talk about strange Pets

Actually the helminthologists studied roughly 200 species of these parasites that love to settle in the human body. Of these 70 species distributed in Europe, the CIS countries. Usually they are divided by shape, structure and divided into two large main groups: flat worms and nematodes.

Often the adults live in the human intestine, but can also be parasites living in the blood, brain, eye hollows, kidney, muscle, heart and liver of a person. To stay in their chosen authority and gain power, they use a special suction Cup. Continue reading

The cat, who to start?
Once the decision to start in the house of representative of the cat family acquires a clear shape (I hope you have studied the pros and cons of content cats…


The most unusual Pets
What animals man can tame and make them your Pets? Yes different – crocodiles, lions, deer, etc. They walk with them through the streets, as with dogs. Imagine how surprised…

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