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Male or female: how to make the right choice

If you have thoughts about what would be nice to have a kitten, you have to make a choice in favor of the cat or cats. Naturally, at a young age scratchy nothing from each other do not differ. However, the nature changes with time. Behavior is formed and gradually the difference between them becomes significant. In this review we will talk about who is better – male or female?

Common myths about Pets

Among people there are many opinions.

Cats are attributed to such parameters that are not typical of cats:

They hunt and food to their produce kittens, while cats are doing nothing.

Their loyalty knows no bounds.

Clean and much neater, than with cats.

More affectionate and tame.

However, in reality it is not so. If cats get acquainted, we can see that they are in the above parameters are not inferior to the female half. And hunt actively, and are good defenders, and the owner of the cat can turn out excellent.

Yes and affectionate may not be only kitties. On the contrary, they are characterized by independence. And familiarity to endure are not always able. And lazy cats with the owner can do absolutely anything. Pet with virtually no show of emotion and character.


The more closely you look closely you cats and cats the more complex becomes the process of choice. So just not say who is better and who exactly to start. More should be said about what cats are different from cats.

The manifestation of temperament

For the female half allowed the flexibility characteristic. They can make concessions, to show loyalty. With them easier to agree. In some situations, it is easy enough to push to the unwanted habit nursling is gone. You can also instill some skills.

However, if you have no experience in education, a clever creation will be able to succeed. And the place is convenient and comfortable get diet and yourself will form, and a place for games and recreation will choose. And the owner with nothing to do in response can not.

If you decide to take the cat, you should realize that they are straightforward, stubborn, proud, but naive. Silly counting is not necessary. In addition, cats are always assured that they were naturally superior to all.

Bad habits of the male half allowed easily disappear, one has only to show the trick, avoiding a direct clash of interests. Not showing manners of the leader, the owner will be able to achieve everything that only will wish. But again experience is required. Otherwise, change will fail.

Family relationships

If you do not know, whom to take to the house, pay attention to relations in the family. Cats in this area is slightly reminiscent of dogs. They show their affection, love to interact, form a close bond. They are interested in everything that is around. They are actively involved in family activities and love to be the center of attention. And if family members will forget about it, there will be a lot of suffering.

At a young age for cats is characterized by the same behavior. But if you decide to take it, remember that over time, their temper will begin to dominate the jealousy of personal space. Open the cat will only to the elite. Affection will manifest only if you want it, and only to trusted people.

So who do we take? In this case will govern the place, that pussy should occupy in the family. If you dream of a quiet life in an apartment, it will fit unobtrusively and independent cat. Cat with his curiosity and activity will fit perfectly into a family where there are children. This video shows you how to behave four-legged friends in everyday life.

Basic instinct

If you do not know, whom to choose, think about the sexual behavior of future visitors. It can play a significant role. It should be noted that libido my fluffy almost impossible to suppress with the help of proper education. Of course, experienced owners, putting a huge amount of effort, you can achieve a good result.

Pet in such situations to abandon not absolutely positive habits and stop looking for a partner. But it happens very rarely. In most cases, we need to choose – neutered/spayed pet or leave it as it is.

Every six months, the urine of a cat would be to acquire a specific smell. Periodically it will make a mess in the apartment. Cats in such periods, scream, spoil things, mark territory, scratch the door. The owner may forget that the sleep and cleanliness.

In this area there is another difference cat from cats. who needs to see, if you don’t know who to choose. The female often suffers from diseases associated with the reproductive system. It often manifests itself especially in that case, if there is no control of the cycle or are taking hormonal drugs.

Kitties Mature in six months. After that they begin to demand attention, begging the groom to take a crap all over the apartment. Will become more Intrusive. It will especially have an impact in relation to men. Hormones begin to take their mind what shows up in skating across the floor, vigibase and suffer from the fact that there is no realization of the instincts.

If it was decided to castrate/sterilize your pet, the question of who to choose, not fundamental. The animal will remain a kitten and will not show sexual instincts. Accordingly, life will be peaceful.

If the surgery was to give up, you will need to decide whom the family is ready to adopt and endure. It is more profitable for you to constantly grow and look for new kittens to the family or to endure the smells and songs of the cat?

The characteristic features of

We should not forget about the peculiarities of the particular breed. For example, Siamese and more tender and affectionate in comparison with a Maine Coon. In addition, there are individual traits that can be inherited. Some options cats acquire at a young age depending on the conditions and place of residence.

If you don’t know whom to take home, listen to your intuition. Perhaps you will tell the heart. And the cat, and the cat can become great friends in equal measure.

Video “Who is better?”

If you don’t know who to start, watch the video. In it in practice considers the distinctive features of cats from cat.