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What to feed – the Pyrenean mountain dog has puppies

Recommendations on natural feeding Pyrenean mountain dog:

(As you gain experience article is constantly updated. )

To avoid gross errors in feeding, you need to understand that the domestic dog is genetically 99% wolf. In the process of breeding a variety of species changed only the appearance and the psyche, but all the internal organs, including the digestive system, the dog remained exactly the same as wild wolf. The predator’s teeth are designed to tear meat and crush bones. Wide gullet for swallowing large pieces. Single-chamber stomach and short intestine. Very concentrated gastric juice, necessary for digestion meat. Therefore, the domestic dog wants to eat like a wolf – i.e. the food, which suited her body. Wolves in nature they eat mainly meat. To compensate for the minerals they chew a lot of bones and cartilage. Killing hoofed animal, the wolf, cuts his belly and, in the first place, consumes the stomach with its contents (half-digested grass) – so the predator gets necessary for normal digestive enzymes, bacteria and plant fiber. Do not refuse from predators and bird eggs, small rodents and even insects. In summer, wolves eat fruits and berries. Caring the owner must feed your dog this set of products, which is very close to the natural diet of a wolf.

Two-month puppy is fed 4 to two times a day, four months of age, 3 times, with a ten-month – 2 times.

What to feed:

Two-thirds of the amount of food should be protein foods: meat (except pork), offal, beef tripe, cottage cheese, egg yolks, dairy products, sea fish. Preferably all of these products to give raw. Sometimes meat be boiled. The meat should be quite lean (beef, mutton bird), and marine fish – fatty. Good frozen capelin. Very useful, even essential, dogs and other predatory animals, untreated raw beef tripe! (cleaned and bleached is useless)

The remaining third of the volume of food – vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Vegetables should be to give the variety: pumpkin, crookneck, zucchini, carrots, cabbage, beets, turnips, Jerusalem artichokes, peppers and herbs. Vegetables do not need to cook, they should be raw grind on the small fine grater, literally puree, and add to cooked food or to mix with pieces of meat. Crude plant tissue in the intestine of the dog breed beneficial bacteria. Boiled vegetables will not bring the dog any good.

Fruits: apples, pears, apricots, grapes, persimmon, banana, any berries. Wholesome dried fruits and nuts.

Some dogs are happy to eat other fruits and vegetables that are not listed in my list.

Cereal is not the natural food of dogs and would not bring her good, so it’s best to dispense with croup. The dog’s body is not able to digest cereal is nothing but carbs, which are processed into fat. A small amount of cereal can be given only in the cold season, when the dog needs additional energy to maintain body temperature. Preferred cereals: buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, millet. It is desirable to alternate. Total croup for a week – no more than 1 Cup (ready-made cereal I love).

Daily need to add in food and unrefined vegetable oil (2 tablespoons) and 100 g of fatty sea fish. The sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 are essential for any organism.

Twice a week is useful to give good butter (a piece the size of a matchbox).

Every day to give your puppy and dog 3-4 tablets of brewer’s yeast (source of b vitamins).

Daily add eating half a teaspoon of fish oil (vitamin a).

Daily add in food a couple of tablespoons of ordinary bran (ballast for normal peristalsis of the bowel).

2-3 times a week to add to the feed a teaspoon of honey. It is useful sometimes to give other bee products.

As a treat between feedings – carrots, any fruit.

As feeding can be given vitamin and mineral formula for puppies (in the drugstore – a rich selection), and the specified dose on the package, I recommend to halve. Well established feeding company “Kanina” (CANINA).

To strengthen the ligaments useful daily add in food a teaspoon of powdered or soaked gelatin.

Do not overfeed the puppy! He doesn’t need to grow too fast. The puppy should be rather thin than thick. Too large and rapidly increasing body mass may lead to curvature of the limbs, as small puppies soft ligaments. Pyrenean mountain dogs have a low metabolism and therefore do not require a large amount of food. The main thing – to diversify the diet and to keep a proper ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates: 2/3 – protein, 1/3 fats, and carbohydrates. In cold days is necessary to slightly increase the amount of fat.

The amount of feed depends on the activity of the dog and time of year. Winter dog living on the street, eats twice more than in the summer. The dog that moves a lot over a wide area, the appetite is much better than living in a cage or in the apartment. So the dog was fed, but not overfed, the food must be removed immediately, as soon as she ate and came away from the bowl. Usually it is about five to ten minutes to feed. If the dog approaches the food lazily, digging in the bowl, choosing tidbits, so she’s not hungry – a bowl immediately and taken away until the next feeding give nothing.

The normally well-fed puppy ribs well be felt, but not sticking out. The same applies to adult dogs.

On all questions of feeding, please contact me for advice.

Recommendations based on personal experience of growing puppies and maintenance of Pyrenean mountain dogs. As you gain experience, recommendations will be refined and supplemented.

If you cannot feed your dog with natural food, you choose for it prepared dry food super-premium. Well established canadian food companies “akan”.