Professional dog training in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

1. To teach the owner to properly train the dog, and the dog obedience skills!

2. To develop the dog’s conditioned reflexes (skills ) of the team allowing the owner to control the dog without a leash in any environment, regardless of the number of distracting external stimuli (factors work).

3. To teach You (the dog owner) the right to manage (train) your dog in any environment.

4. To train You how to train a dog without making any mistakes.

5. To maximize the understanding of the dog and the owner.

6. To make Your living together with the dog comfortable, built on mutual understanding only brings emotions in Your life.

What will make you and specialist at each session that will able your dog after the first lesson is to read here

The contents of fighting dogs may require a license, the Commission of Moscow city Duma on environmental policy deems it appropriate to impose severe restrictions on content in homes and apartments dogs, which belong to the group of fighting breeds.

Cat Manny loves to play with the GoPro camera. While his master decided to use this passion for good and to remove the cat as if the animal is purposefully making a “selfie” in the most unexpected places with womenonline friends.

That day has come when we’re 10 years old! I want to share with You our celebration, we invite everyone to share this momentous event with us! Come to visit us on holiday – 05.12.2015 year. We are waiting for you.

Share for dog training Subscription overexposure dogs in training – at the price of standard overexposure dogs

The task of our specialists to pick the methods of training are unique for your dog, and teach You to use them properly. Training at home means training a dog directly to the owner of your pet.

How much will the skills of the dog to things it all depends not only from the specialist and properly apply methods of training .

In our center, with the young dogs are only held individually, starting with the second stage of training, with the aim of complications, a team approach is used.