Exotic animals: seven times think before to purchase.

The fashion for buying exotic animals came to us recently. Mainly caused by the fact that we began to travel more, and we want to bring home at least a piece of that nature which we enjoyed during legal holidays.

Here also there are ads like “Sell exotic animals” – and not only on the doors of hotels in hot countries, and in the pages of the electronic flea markets.

Buy exotic animals for the purpose of their study is quite rare, and individuals have resorted to it too readily, since they have the opportunity to do science within the walls of this or that Institute.

Another motive that encourages people to buy peacocks, for example, is somewhat romantic character, the desire to brag to friends and acquaintances. This is perhaps one of the most unconstructive reasons, and if you do decide to make swans for a suburban pond or peacock – for a rural garden, try to consider what motivates your zeal.

If you have found a place where legally the sale of rare animals (the pet shop Board or online ads) try to remember that the content requires caution, yet,care:

almost always, the animal remains wild, although attached to the owner (for example, lynx can be brought up for six months so that it will be a real watchdog);

conditions of detention should be as close to natural (to take the penguin for example, is possible only on condition that you are in the country there is an aviary, and it is located closer to the North);

and remember, finally, some animals have, over time, to leave.

The last point is well demonstrated by the example with the purchase of a wild cat. May you find a place that sells grown tigers… the beast will become a dangerous burden, although it is possible to sell to the zoo.

Medium-sized butterfly (wingspan of 25-35 mm). Top for males.

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