Education cats – how to wean the pet from bad habits and why the punishment is useless

Scratches on the furniture and the bodies of the household attempts to enjoy the forbidden sweets, desire to spoil a beloved ficus, with total disregard for my own name… bad habits in cats a lot. How to raise a kitten, to avoid problems in the future?

The cat scratches or bites

Adult cat teaches the kittens the first rules of life in society. Kittens often bite her mother as punishment we have to use bite, and as a promotion – “sing” songs and lick toddlers.

Kitten, getting into a new family, perceives education lessons in the process of communication with the owner, the pet may bite and scratch during play. It has to be stopped by the command, uttered in a stern voice, if it has not led to result, you must stop playing and leave the kitten alone. After a while the animal will catch the connection between his behavior and the result, and scratching will be less.

How to choose the nickname cat?

Nickname pet should choose rich, not very long, so he could hear her from afar. It must be repeated all the time referring to your pet. All family members need to call the same animal, not inventing new names.

The cat will get used to the nickname and learn to distinguish it from other names of items for 30-40 days. The apartment is on call to respond casebody at the age of three months, and later because of the abundance of distractions. You will need patience and time to kitten went to its master’s call.

Ignores own name? In the regular repetition of the same phrase – “Come to me!” or “Go grey”, and is the essence of the exercise, aimed at habit-forming. No need to shout at your pet if he does not listen.

Cat and guests in the house

When prying the cat runs to the other room?

From the first months of life teach a cat to sit on lap, then she will grow up balanced and calm. It is important not to overreact in this case – no need to hold the animal by force. The cat is convinced that she is nobody and nothing threatens, to do what was expected of her owners.

Feeding guidelines for cats

The cat should be fed a few times and at the same time. This is the easiest item in the education.

Requests food from the table? Feed the animal in parallel with a family Breakfast, dinner, then the cat will be no common table. Continues to begging? Don’t let in the kitchen, despite the resentment.

Pet refuses food is that you to soften? Food stays in the bowl untouched, you make concessions, worrying about the health of your pet? Feed the cat in this case for 5-10 minutes before sitting down at the table as a family, put a tasty morsel in the bowl, but not feeding from hand. Then your pet will not climb on the table, begging for food.

The cat and walks

Be sure to accustom your pet to stay at home even with the Windows open and doors, to leave the ivory with your permission.

Cat marks in the corners and refuses to use the tray on purpose, preferring ficus? Try to display the animal on the street. it is possible that the cat will go in the toilet for hours in natural conditions.

However, to teach a cat to walk on a leash, you need to make an effort. The collar from the leash put on at home for a few hours, let the pet gets used to it. You will soon see that the collar does not irritate and does not bother the purring, and then attach a leash.

Accompanying the action commands, “Come” or “Here”, try to hold the cat around the apartment, animal control, encouraging him to go to the right place. In the manifestation of a strong resistance of the animal to the leash, put this action to avoid hostility. If walking with the animals to make problematic, you need to change the tray to try other fillers. It is not excluded that the animal is more like fine shavings of a filler than large pieces.

The problem sharpening the claws

Sharpening the claws is a feline problem. This process like all cats, without exception. Grate the items that loves to scratch the cat orange peel, they don’t like the smell, spray your pet with water at the time when it makes the next procedure is grinding claws. And, of course, teach your pet to success from the first days of his life in the house.

Carrots and sticks – rewards and punishments

Remember that all educational points need to be accompanied by gentle words and encouragement for obedience. Your pet grows ill mannered and spoiled, if you carry out all his whims, or conversely, completely ignore it, using only a stick. Corporal punishment is useless – cats differently understand “good” and “bad”, so will take the knocks and slaps mockery.

Speak with animals, model situations on the above described principles, and the cat will get the connection. To beat the animal over the mistakes, a big mistake owners. The cat does not establish in this case, a causal-logical chain, therefore, physical violence can create a division between animal and owner.

Tailed purring will cease to trust the owner, family members will begin to fear humans, which can lead to psychological and physical problems that are difficult to correction. Care, affection and love are the best companions in the work of education, both animals and children.

There is a second option – the animal will turn into an aggressive predator, will start to harm the surrounding objects luck would have it, acting fundamentally, calculating. In addition, the cat can project offense, which accumulated to the owner, to family members, including kids. Formed a vicious circle, to break which is harder than preventing.