Pets for children – especially relationships

Is it possible to overestimate the importance that have for us Pets? For children animals can be faithful helpers and most loyal friends. Despite the fact that many adults are animals too pragmatic, diligence and careful of them, as a rule, always enough, particularly when it comes to modern breeders. In this paper, we propose to dwell on the consideration of the question of who is for us, Pets are great helpers in the household or something more.

Let’s start with the children and their perception of animals because we all were once children. Remember the childhood: for each of us, kitty, doggy, hamster, bird, fish and other animals has always been more than a pet. First Pets for children is grateful to the interviewees and most intimate friends, and keepers of secrets, resentments, and other children’s secrets. Since childhood many of us used to the fact that the animal in the house is an equal member of the family. The thing is that animals and children have a relatively similar perception of the world. So, and they always require greater attention from adults who love pokapriznichat and insanely jealous of the new adult craze.

Pets – for children and adults is not quite the same

In fact, Pets are the same children who are immature or nesformirovavshuyusya. But unlike children, you turn from the individual to the person, animals and remain at the previous level who live only by senses and sensations, perceiving the world as naturally as possible. Children also by nature given brain and intellect, which with age develops and grows stronger. Animals, being deprived of a reasonable part, not capable of evolving, however this does not prevent them to fully interact with the person.

But even the smartest dog, no matter what the team have learned to do, and how well-understood person, and will remain this immature individual, devoid of ability to think reasonably and rationally.

Modern scientists have conducted many experiments to figure out what animal the children are able to bind most. In the first place, according to surveys located the dog. It will be followed by the parrot, followed by cat, followed by the hamster. Completing the top five domestic rats.