Room birds. Canary
According to an ancient legend Canaries appeared first on Canary Islands, and the Islands were part of the sunken Atlantis. Small yellow birds were the sirens, whose beautiful voice lured…

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Pets for children
"Buy me a dog" - who has not heard this phrase from the child? Every child dreams about a pet. Someone on the big dog, someone on the tiny Hummingbird.…

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Buy animal repeller and other tips for beginner skiers

The skiing is an excellent choice for lovers of romance and extreme. And with a strong desire the right track in our country you can always find.

And even to ride you’ll be only sporadically, for example during annual leave, in order to ensure its own security, it is necessary to take action. A lot of nuances. For example, useful for beginners dog repeller. The modern concept of “THUNDER-250” will help to protect against stray dogs and other wild animals who may well meet on a deserted highway.

It is very important to complement the wardrobe. A rookie mistake is to give preference to the jacket. In such clothes you will be very hot and thus will increase the risk of colds. As beginners it is difficult to calculate the forces, they sweat a lot, and rescue them at the suit of membranous tissue, called breathing. It will output moisture out, not letting them inside. Not stingy and buy underwear. Its cost – from 2 thousand rubles. This part of clothing for the skier is mandatory. An ordinary t-shirt you will not do. Put on thermal underwear fleece sweater, jumpsuit. Suit the skier should be equipped with reflective stickers. This is necessary in case of force majeure, the rescuers could quickly find you. If the costume can be rented, then the shoes you’d better buy, because they must fit the foot perfectly.

You have the choice of skiing. A simple rule of thumb: length should be your height plus 5-10 cm. Beginners are encouraged plastic skis, they are lighter.

Arriving at the ski resort, don’t hurry to master the challenging tracks. Go to the ones for beginners. To identify such can Pro color: black designed for professionals, the red ones are a bit easier, but covered with hills and steep, blue – are usually flat and wide, is very safe, and green will suit even the children.

The body of the skier is a beginner should be ready to load. If you regularly exercise, most likely, will do without muscle ache and sprains. If you have problems with pressure, keep in mind that in the mountains it rises. Be sure to take the medication. First aid kit should be complete. The first time you should ride only under the supervision of an instructor, even if your company has experienced skier. It is important to use sunscreen in the mountains, you can easily get skin burns. If you do not try to overcome minor bumps.

And finally, a little bit about the rules of saving. Relax with friends is cheaper than going it alone. Take group lessons, not individual. Equipment hire for a few days. And do not just buy a ski suit. What if you do not like to ride?