What kind of bird to choose in Pets?

Man holds in the house of birds since time immemorial. Most likely, once very long ago, birds were not kept by man for aesthetic purposes. But since then a lot has happened, a person had other needs, in addition to satisfying hunger.

Decorative birds, including songbirds and parrots brighten the life of a man, distract him from the problems and hard work, create comfort and mood, comfort and warm warmth of their tiny hearts. And, of course, decorate the house. Breeding birds in the indoor environment, in captivity, for many-many generations has led to the emergence of new species (forms) of pet birds. These birds are not adapted to live in natural conditions and will die if gets released.

What kind of people choose birds as Pets?

We will not deal with now lovers of exotic (e.g., hummingbirds); fans-ornithologists, holding birds of prey, or those practical people who still keep in a city apartment chickens or quails. The average fan of animals at home chooses is usually simpler in content options: budgies (at least — large parrots), Canaries, goldfinches, Siskins, weaverbirds (finches and waxbills).

As indoor birds kept as our native birds that vstrechautsya of our latitudes, and tropical birds are easy to keep. Oh, and don’t forget about the pigeon. Once pigeon were in each yard. It is a beautiful hobby, which, however, already out of fashion. In addition, the pigeons in the apartment is kept extremely rare, and this bird is rather big in size.

Some birds are extremely social creatures and need the company of their kind (or even the company of members of other species). Other birds are loners, they thrive in isolation from congeners. Weaverbirds, for example, social birds and feeling better in “the farm” like yourself, or even other birds. Finches are very low maintenance, well-bred, not fussy about food. This little birds, not more than 10 cm in length, have a pleasant voice, beautiful colors, very showy. The most popular types of Japanese and finches.

Canaries are not as spectacular in appearance, but have a voice of exceptional beauty and will delight your ears. Colors of Canaries is not so bright, but striking in its diversity. The breeders have a variety of even similar species: crested, curly, etc. There are even humpback Canaries. Canaries also require minimal maintenance and very susceptible to training. They are able even to learn the singing style from other birds. The talent of the singer have the Canaries. Education singers need to pay very careful attention and to start at the age of 4 months. Canaries-“girls” they sing, but their song is simple and unpretentious. Often the Canaries, if the seat next to him a Canary, sing no longer.

Parrots can irritate you piercing cry, and if they do not like it, may indulge in beak. Large parrots can cause serious injury, so you need to learn to communicate with them right from the start. But they talk and very interesting to talk to, because they possess high intelligence.

What are the cons of keeping birds at home?

Some birds make annoying or unpleasant, shrill sound. Birds need to fly, which you need to periodically release them from their cages. They must be under your supervision, otherwise you can hurt yourself and ruin your furniture, wires, etc. things. Birds are extremely curious, and their curiosity is directly proportional to the level of their intelligence. The smarter the bird, the more it sticks its nose — excuse me, bill, — where not to be. Feathers and down can cause you to have allergies. If you do not suffer from allergies, feathers and down will give you other problems: you have to collect feathers and scales.

Any bird should be given enough time, especially if it’s a parrot. Birds suffer the same as any other living creature. They need to be treated. Some diseases can be transmitted to humans (which is why it is very important “origin” of your bird, where you buy it. It must be proven a breeder, do not risk in vain). However, we should not forget that people too can successfully infect many diseases their Pets.

Pleasant moments of communication with birds.

Pros: joy, beauty, singing, talking — however, it will give you any living creature that you choose as a pet, after all it’s your choice. And even if you choose a toad or a Gecko, he will bring you aesthetic satisfaction, because nobody imposed it is the animal.

Each bird is an individual, it will be interesting to communicate. As a rule, the birds cheerful disposition. The intelligence of many of them (parrots and corvids — crows, jackdaws) are extremely high, which makes them even more interesting to observe. Another plus is the absence of odors, and the lack of need for regular walks (like a dog, for example).

Clean up after your birds easier than other Pets. In addition, birds are generally long-lived, and, at observance of rules of the maintenance, good care and nutrition, will delight you for years to come. The bird will feel comfortable and in a relatively small area and you, even though we live in a very small apartment, you will always find a place for it.