Transportation of animals in aircraft

“How to transport a dog in the plane,” asked brother Andrew. He was going to Moscow on a business trip and decided to come back with a pet. I’m a little confused. Despite 7 years of work experience in the airline never encountered with the transportation of animals.

In search of an answer to the question brother, learned all the rules of transportation of animals, not only dogs, but also cats, hamsters and fish in various airlines. These are my helpful tips for anyone interested in the transport of animals in aircraft.

In the cabin of the aircraft of “air Astana” can carry small cats, dogs and fish (up to 8 kg) including the weight of the cage. Cats and dogs weighing more than 8kg, as well as birds and rodents, can be transported in the cargo compartments of the aircraft with the execution of the air waybill. Animals weighing more than 40 kg must be carried in strong wooden containers. One passenger is allowed to carry only one container with one animal. You need to remember that not all aircraft are suitable for the transport of animals in cargo compartment, for example, cargo compartments of Airbus 319, 320, 321 are not heated, so the carrier may refuse to transport your Pets. It is necessary to specify when buying a ticket.

Preferably not less than 3 days before departure when booking or purchasing flight of “air Astana”, to write a letter in free form specifying the date of departure and flight number, and weight of the animal with the cage.

The documents for the animal on the plane

Veterinary certificate for your pet

Veterinary certificate (you must obtain a veterinary inspection in your city, pre-passing the tests of the animal). Certificate of veterinary inspection valid for 3 days from the date of receipt. When transporting the animal from China and the UAE you must obtain written permission from the veterinary inspection of Kazakhstan, without the permission to take an animal from these countries is impossible.

A microchip or tattoo for pet identification (for European countries, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey).

Documents must be submitted to the agents ground service, “air Astana” before check-in. To register online in case you are flying with a pet is undesirable, since the ground staff should check all documents.

How much will it cost to transport an animal on a plane?

Transportation of the animal is paid in double amount as excess baggage and the cost of transportation depends on the direction. For example, transportation of a dog weighing 7 kg (including the cage) in the direction of Almaty-Moscow will cost about 11 to 200 tenge. Rates for Excess baggage for different directions of “air Astana” can be viewed here.

If charged for a place, you need to buy one seat allotted for a pet/cage with the animal, regardless of whether the advantage of the passenger’s free baggage allowance or not.

Exception: seeing-eye dog that may accompany a blind passenger in the cabin free of charge on all flights of “air Astana”.

What to carry the animal on the plane?

Dimensions of container must not exceed 30x47x27 cm for aircraft type Airbus 320/A321, Boeing 757,767 and 29x43x26 cm and for aircraft type Fokker 50. The container for transporting your pet must be strong enough so that the animal could not get out of it while traveling. In addition, the container must have a waterproof bottom and holes for ventilation and animal feeding. In addition, the container should be roomy enough for the pet to stand and lie down.

Walk your pet during the flight impossible. In “air Astana” was a case where the landlady had let his hamster walking around the plane and lost it. And only on earth, the engineers managed to find the animal. Unfortunately, the hamster would be dead already. The hostess we expressed regret, and now warn passengers that walk animals during the flight is prohibited.

For transporting fish, you can use an aquarium or glass jar with a lid, in which there must be a hole for air and minimal water. Are not permitted to transport fish in plastic bags, if you will notice, can refuse.

For small dogs and cats recommended to use soft carrying case specifically designed for shipping. These special travel bags for Pets you can buy in pet stores. You cannot use other types of soft perenosa to transport animals in the passenger cabin. It should also be noted that when leaving the UK Pets will be accepted only in containers with a rigid skeleton.

The details of transportation allowed on the plane:

If you expect a flight with connecting flights of different airlines, you need to discuss travel details with each of them separately.

Important: without prior request and confirmation from the carrier should not bring their Pets directly to the reception Desk, the company may not be ready for their transportation. Because of the increasing number of passengers with allergies to animals of “air Astana” developed by the instruction on the priority of tolerance for flight. If a passenger flight informs about his allergies at the time of booking, Pets will not be permitted to fly. Accordingly, if a pet is booked to such a passenger, the latter will be rebooked on another flight.

By the way, my brother’s dog from Moscow could not fly with him. I agreed, but miscalculated the weight of the dog with the cage. And my brother didn’t have enough money to pay for such weight. Despite all the attempts of the employees of “air Astana” to help, rules are rules. The dog could fly out of Sheremetyevo on the next flight, when there was money to pay.

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