Pets exotic animals
Probably, already you will surprise nobody with such Pets as cats, dogs and fish. But Pets exotic animals are still a novelty for many of us. You probably already knew…

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Professional dog training in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.
1. To teach the owner to properly train the dog, and the dog obedience skills! 2. To develop the dog's conditioned reflexes (skills ) of the team allowing the owner…

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The most important “transport” Pets

It had been thousands of years since man first domesticated animals for their needs. Many of them considered them as food, but some of them have become loyal friends and helpers as on the farm and on long journeys. However, not all animals could be used as a means of transportation.

But there were also those who, though not immediately, but still obey the will of the man and allowed him to ride himself. After some time, people have learned to harness animals, which allowed them not only to travel, but also to carry heavy loads. These assistants have usually been animals that were found in the area where lived the man himself.


Incredible endurance, speed of movement, strength and the ability to perform useful robots do the horse indispensable for man. Riding a horse, the man was able to move over longer distances, allowing him to access new land. Later the horses were hitched to the wagon, sleigh, carts, and more. In agriculture, the horse was mainly used as a pulling force.

Besides the horse were involved in many military actions. Despite the automation and mechanization of the horse and are still used for plowing vegetable gardens, in the carriage of small goods, hay, etc. They needed foresters, veterinarians other professionals living in rural and especially mountainous terrain.


In Africa and Asia elephants have been truly indispensable. Their main task was transport of people and transfer of goods. In Southeast Asia and now used elephants as draught, pack and saddle animals.

African elephants were previously used for military purposes in Egypt (285 BC), but their labor was used much less frequently than the Indian elephants. Currently Asian elephants are mostly ecotourism can be a kind of “transport” in various parks and wildlife reserves.


In places where strong winds blow, and almost year-round snow, the dogs were the main helpers in people’s lives. In addition sled dogs become constant companions of many polar explorers. Thanks to dogs have made many geographical discoveries in the Arctic. For example, both poles of the Earth, were subdued on dog sleds (in 1909, the North pole, and in 1911 – South).

It is worth noting that almost none of the expedition to the Arctic circle is not complete without sled dogs. Sled dogs of such breeds as the Siberian husky. the Alaskan Malamute. Samoyed. Greenland dog, eskimo husky and some other breeds can go around 70-80 km per day. The first sled dogs came around 7800-8000 years ago. Sled dogs used in our days.


Reindeer (lat. Rangifer tarandus ) is another valuable saddle and harness animal of the taiga and tundra. These reindeer are used for transportation of goods, the migrations during the hunting Fox. Besides riding on a reindeer carry out exploration mining resources. And this is only a small part of the examples of the reindeer is used as a transport animal.

In conditions windy snowy and frosty winters the reindeer is able to move with decent speed. During the long journeys these animals survive by scavenging, no animal can “boast” of such abilities. According to scientists, the domestication of reindeer occurred approximately in the first centuries of our era.


Camels (lat. Camelus ) is indispensable in Africa and Asia (middle East), where they are also used as pack animals and as draft animals. Were domesticated approximately 2 thousand years BC as draft animals their use from 4 to 25 years. These camels capable of carrying a load of weight, which can be up to 50% on its own.

On long transitions that can go from 30 to 40 km per day. In ancient times there was fighting, and the camels, which were often used to intimidate the enemy. Camel with a rider that can go about 100 km a day. This hardy animal that can long time without food and water.


The donkey played a very important historical role in the cultural and economic life of man. It is believed that the donkey was domesticated much earlier than the horse – about 4 thousand BC It was extensively used as pack animals and animal-drawn animal, which is able to move on his back a weight of about 75% of its own weight.

And moved by donkey cart can exceed its own weight in 3 or even 4 times. With such a burden, the little donkey can easily cover a distance of 30 km Is very hardy and hard working animal, working along with the person for 8-10 hours straight.

The oxen

Oxen have been used in agriculture primarily as draft animals for ploughing. In many countries Asia (developing) use them as a source of energy and cartage. And in countries such as Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia and Cambodia have long been harnessed oxen in a special two-wheeled cart.


Unlike other animals ostrich saddled for entertainment purposes only. Ostrich races are only in the USA, South Africa and Australia where they are incredibly popular.

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