Not normal and dangerous Pets

Every person in life has a favorite pet. Someone is a cat or dog, also popular are the birds and fish. But now fashion began to include exotic Pets such as iguanas, snakes and lemurs. But the most ordinary and not interesting is that people started to have Pets – spiders predators.

In most people seeing the spider pucker up, and consider them vile and nasty. Girls are mostly afraid of even small spiders. But we are not talking about little house spiders that live on his cobweb in the far dark corner and which the owners of the house don’t kill, and watch them grow, and believe that spiders bring good luck. We will talk about spiders, specifically buying, for that would love and care for.

If you think about it and take a closer look at these spiders there is nothing disgusting and nasty, they are exactly the same as all. Takes up very little room, not noisy and do not spoil the furniture. The warning is that people prefer to start with it is spiders predators. Types of a lot of them, every kind of special and different not only in appearance and size, but also habits. Each of the types in their interest, it attracts people. They are not the generality.

For example tarantula, grows in her first year of life by almost ten times. The size of his increase when he sheds. If you maintain the temperature and proper nutrition,will grow much faster. The size of these spiders are large enough.

Molting spiders are also quite interesting. They hide, lie back and wait until burst the old skin. When the skin will burst, they are selected from it and wait until their new shell hardens.

Protection spiders are hairs on the abdomen. When the spider feels threatened .it starts from scabbing these hairs. Happy owners need to be very careful, because in contact with human skin, these hairs irritate her, and the skin itches a few hours.

All spiders are venomous predators. But their venom is not hazardous for people. For pain, can compare to the wasp sting. On this owners should not worry, but also specifically to piss off the spider. Still is a predator, albeit a small one. Also, if it’s a female, she can fall into depression. And it is fraught with consequences.

Happy owners of such Pets, like spiders are predators, to be envied, because their life expectancy with proper care, reaches 30 years. Pet grows and ages with his master.