Which animal have a baby?

You can rest assured! Between children and animals have some kind of connection, inter-species love… Animals play a very important role in the education of our children. So let’s speculate, what animal can make the child ?

However, let us cast aside sentimental snot and trembling chin let’s face it. Do we need all these fish, hamsters and other representatives of the world fauna in our already tiny flats? I mean, not you and your children – will they be needed? Huh? Any psychologist will tell you – is absolutely necessary.

If earlier in the era of feudalism and subsistence farming people lived in harmony with nature, had cattle, they do not have to have in the house a dog, to compensate for a deficiency of communication and become one step closer to nature. The world is changing – urbanization. But if the child is brought up alone, without brothers and sisters – prepare for the fact that at one point he comes home from walks with some mohnatkin lump: “you Can leave, huh?”

Be firm and unyielding, not give in to pleading looks until you read this article till the end! I’m here for your convenience I decided to offer a small list of Pets for those who haven’t started, but it’s about to buckle under the pressure of these balls of wool. So,

Nekotorymi and dad shakes only one type of these creatures. One’s tail is worth something! And for good reason. Undeservedly, so to speak. The rat is the smartest of creatures. They can even be trained! Live about three years. But, on the other hand, if your child is under 10 years – any sold in the pet store will talk to you. As from

Live about two years. You know, frankly, if you (your child) enough time to deal with this nice, stop. Regularly unpleasant odor will remind you that you’re a terrible host, and in the cage it’s time to clean up. In General, from time to time you will torment the conscience. By the way, the hamster can bite his finger! Just out of spite. You never know what come in his hamster head? However, the worst character (from the stories of sphincterochila)

To tame, they need daily to get out of the cage and stroke. And they are, the swine such, is very sensitive scratch. So it’s possible a couple of weeks care to train your pet will fall entirely on your shoulders. In any case it will be necessary to read the professional literature on caring for these animals (and all other).

They are such cuties! Soft, warm, with beady eyes. But the smell of them, I tell you! If you have the opportunity to put the cage in a warm time outside – forward. The price, however, these animals, too big for a rodent.

Refers to white mice, lab. I don’t know… If they suddenly break out – you never see them again. And most importantly, never Fess up to the neighbors! They are usually very surprised new two-tone breed of mice that infest the house.

Kiddies love them, but do the birds sit in cages – this is the question nobody usually asks. Okay, the topic is different. The cage should be spacious enough available fresh water, food, bathing, protection from direct sunlight. From personal experience I know that the Canaries are one of the most domestic of birds. But if you are not fooled and sold the male, you will be able to enjoy the sweet trills and roulades, daily and in any weather. Parrot (even if he doesn’t talk and is silent as the guerrilla) is also very funny. I really didn’t like parrots very early Wake up, begin to crack and publish all sorts of indecent noises. But, as they say, on taste and color – your own fault, your problem.

Children very quickly lose to the fishes interest with them after not run, to the heart do not squeeze. And the show where in troubled waters with sickly plants float, barely moving his fins, poor Nemo, leads to sad thoughts. Feng Shui bad again…

– very independent creatures and silently endure when they were pulled by the tail or whiskers will not. Of course, to train them is not necessary. The cat itself knows how to please a man. The only thing to do is to accustom her to the toilet. All the kittens that appeared in our house, I have been giving to acquire this skill week, otherwise get the fuck out there. Cope ahead of time.

There are so many advantages that I describe them I will not. But the cons – please! Definitely have to go through at least the basics of training. This is the minimum for peace of mind your and your neighbors. Will need regular maintenance from worms and other parasites, vaccinated against rabies, etc., etc. Expensive food and whatnot.

Pay attention to the breed. Pooch sometimes kinder and smarter than purebreds representatives (and for free). Small dogs are the followers of one master, to young children usually are treated with prejudice. Do not start for a child large dog or the dog of combative breed. Better safe than sorry!

These were only recommendations. But below I will give the conditions that are essential to ensure that pet does not become a problem.

1. Before you start anyone need to obtain the consent of all family members. 2. You must have free time to care for your pet. 3. You need to make sure that the household not allergic to wool or, for example, in fish food. 4. You must have money for treatment and feeding of the animal. 5. In your apartment there is a place for the animal.

In conclusion I want to say – these little crumbs, our smaller brethren, are that they acquire. They will bring up in your child such important qualities as respect for all living beings, attention to family, affection. And your short life will help us and our children to understand what love and death

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