Rules for keeping Pets in the apartment

A pet in the house – a sign of comfort and a warm family atmosphere. It’s so nice coming home, to feel that love you, and miss you waiting for, these sensations give us our Pets. In a family where there are small children, psychologists advise to have a pet for whom the child will be cared for. A sense of responsibility organizes the child, manifesting in him the following qualities, sense of duty, responsibility, sensitivity and compassion. But along with joy, which brings us a pet, do not forget that animals may be carriers of various infections. Salmonellosis. helminthiasis and many other dangerous disease – is the result of contact with sick animals. On the street, we ensure that the child did not have contact with stray animals. And this, of course, correct, but Pets can become targets of infection. Therefore, the rules of hygiene, in the care of Pets cannot be left unattended. Cleanliness is the main rule in terms of content.

– After walking your pet needs to bathe and to wash his paws.

– Don’t let him bring home objects: sticks, leftovers,etc.

– Toys need to have two sets, one for street and home. Street kit, must also be washed after use on the street.

– Periodic visits to the veterinarian .

Slizyvanie not attending streets, the risk of infection is reduced, but the basic rules of hygiene and in this case, should be observed.

– Meat or fish, which you eat the animal, must undergo a heat treatment. You should not give them in their raw form. Meat, especially not fresh, it’s a hotbed of dangerous germs, worms – the least that could get your pet from this kind of food.

– The place where your pet sleeps, must be periodically (a couple times a week) cleaned.

– Undertake daily cleaning of the tray and bowls pet.

– Encourage your children to wash their hands with soap after contact with Pets.

Toys the animal must be their own, do not let your pet play with children.

– Wet cleaning in the house, which contains Pets, it almost every day..

– Your pet should not have contact with food, utensils and places of cooking and eating. Ideally the animal shouldn’t be let into the kitchen. Do not allow Pets to sleep with children and adults he has to have a place to stay.

And remember that the main rule of keeping Pets clean, keep clean their Pets, and teach children to wash your hands often, and then communicating with them will bring only joy