Exotic Pets

Today unusual Pets in our country are not uncommon. Although ten years ago only a few were kept at home chameleons, spiders or monkeys. First, these animals were simply not selling, and if they were, prices were space. Secondly, there was no literature on their keeping and breeding. Today, and strange animals in the sale and enough information on them rife. What an unusual pet can be kept in the apartment, how to choose and bought a Jack Russell in kennel Smallwood?

Most people still have an innate sense of fear of spiders. However, if you have no ill will for these arthropods, they can be great Pets. They grow up to 10 cm, are living with proper care-up to 15 years and also unpretentious in food. They need to be fed 1-2 times a month. With them interesting to watch. Especially when they are hunting.

These are not venomous snakes in the West have long been popular Pets. Some homes even contain large species that grow to 5-6 meters. However, they can be dangerous. It is better to opt for the types that grow up to 3 meters. Them and easier to contain and danger they are not present. These snakes live up to 30 years.

These herbivorous reptiles kept in terrariums, which must be equipped with a control system which vlazhnosti temperature. The animal itself is not expensive, but together with the house price can reach 20 thousand rubles. An iguana can be quite tame, often if to take her in his arms. These animals require from the owners a lot of attention: they need to wash every day, you need every day to clean the cage every day to feed fresh vegetables and fruits. They can grow up to 1.5 meters, and they live up to 20 years.

It is. certainly not on anthropomorphous monkeys and small monkeys, igranka or green monkeys. Such animals are tamed, though not without problems, and his indulgence would be to constantly please their masters. However, the content of such animals is quite troublesome thing. Keep those monkeys in spacious enclosures that need daily brushing. The animals need weekly bathing. Feed anything monkeys can’t. Feed them as children under three years – porridge, boiled meat, fruit. Despite the fact that on the Internet a lot of videos that show home Lori or lemurs, to have such animals is not recommended, as they are exclusively nocturnal.

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