Guinea pigs – care and maintenance

If you decide to have a pet, but are not willing to allocate much time for its maintenance and care, will suit a Guinea pig. This is a very cute friendly, sociable and absolutely not aggressive animal that will become a good friend for any child.

What to look for when purchasing a Guinea pig

First of all, you need to check whether the animal cool . Take your favorite pig on your hands, do not be afraid, if she’s going to freak, this is quite normal. Then carefully inspect the animal, its fur should be clean with no holes, body is strong and smooth, eyes clear, without any discharge, but the nose – clean and dry.

Next you need to find out what sex the animal . this is especially important if you plan to get a few animals. As females, it is able to get along, but males together contain not recommended as they can fight.

Also it is useful to know the age of the pigs . It is best to buy week 6-9 animals. But if the animal is older, it’s okay, because, normally, with good conditions, pigs live to be 8-12 years.

To transport the Guinea pig home in a special carrying or plain cardboard box, with pre-predelnye her holes. The last option is not suitable for the road, because the cardboard can fully wet from urine animal.

Adaptation of Guinea pigs

In the early days of a Guinea pig at home can behave very quiet and even sluggish . This is due to the fact that it needed time to adapt. Once in an unfamiliar place, the animal becomes very shy, can be bad and have to sit, frozen in place. To help the pig to adapt, try to create a relaxed atmosphere and a touch less animal. From time to time talk to her in a calm voice, but only a couple of days can begin to take her in his arms.

The maintenance and care of Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs just love company . so, if you only have one animal, it is recommended to have in a place where the whole family. Spare socializing with the animal, at least 10 minutes a day, talk to him and take him up, otherwise he may miss.

Because Guinea pigs are very active . they must be given the opportunity daily to walk around the apartment or on the street, to meet their needs for movement.

It is worth considering that these animals are afraid of harsh sounds and loud screams, so near the cage is not recommended to include loud music, television or a vacuum cleaner.

Guinea pigs should be protected from drafts . since animals are very sensitive to them. At the same time and they can not tolerate heat, overheat can even die. The optimum temperature for keeping of these animals is 18-20 degrees. In summer the cage with the animal can make the balcony or in the garden. However, it should be placed in a shaded, protected from rain.

The bottom of the cage must, necessarily, fill with litter. It is suitable for sawdust, straw, hay or granular fillers. If the litter you are using sawdust, you should see to it that they weren’t too small, as small particles can get in animal respiratory tract or eyes. Granule filling better absorb liquid and eliminate odor. Litter it is recommended to replace when dirty, approximately every 2-3 days.

Do not forget about the Guinea pig fur, it should be brushed with a soft brush about two times a week. One or two times a year, you may need to clipping the nails if the animal itself is not chewed off.

Bathe your Guinea pig is recommended only in case of extreme need. This requires the use of warm water and a mild baby shampoo, you can do without it. After bathing the animal should be well dry, and place in a warm place.

You need to read:

The cage or aquarium. For keeping Guinea pigs fit both, the main thing that their length was at least 50 cm the more housing, the less you have to clean it up. Cell is better to choose with a plastic pallet. Enclosure with wooden base is not suitable due to the fact that these animals produce a lot of urine. In the cage you can place a house for Guinea pigs, which she will love to sleep, but it is worth considering that having a safe place to hide, some animals become more fearful. For this reason, the house recommended to put only for the night.

If you decide to use an aquarium for your pet, remember that it cannot cover.

Feeder. It is necessary that it was heavy enough, it will not give a Guinea pig to flip her over. It is better to buy a pair of ceramic bird feeders. One use for green fodder, the other for dry.

Drinker . It is better to use vertical ball drinker. The water in it should be changed daily. To drinkers are not dripping liquid, it is necessary to fill completely.

What Guinea pigs eat

These animals recommended to feed twice a day at the same time. Half of their diet should consist of fresh hay or dried grass . It is very important to make sure that the grass was dew.

Also in the diet of Guinea pigs you need to include dry food . it must contain: corn, peas, sunflower seeds, wheat, oats, etc. to provide the animal with all necessary best place to buy special food for Guinea pigs.

Do not forget about fresh vegetables . they should take about 20% of the diet. Can feed the animal with apples, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini and beets. They should be washed and dried. Little by little, you can give crunches.