Ultrasonic otpugivateli rodents

Ultrasonic rodent repeller is a relatively new tool to combat rats and mice that sometimes become a real scourge for the hosts. Some people are nicer to use ultrasonic rodent repeller, instead of the traditional poisons and baits. Someone does not want to mess around with chemicals on their own, and some fear that the poison will affect Pets.

What you need to know when buying ultrasonic repeller

Most electronic mosquito only emit the ultrasound, however, the screechers such as AR-130, UP-116-T, TM -9034 can still radiate an electromagnetic wave;

Ultrasound cannot penetrate walls and floors;

Electromagnetic waves can penetrate through walls, but cannot penetrate metal barriers;

Ultrasound can bounce off any surface, more hard than soft. That is, from the walls of the ultrasound is reflected better than the carpet.

How to choose rodent repeller

Choose the ultrasonic rodent repeller, focusing on their needs and on the advice of those who have used this thing. So, reviews about the screechers will be able to answer many obscure questions.

First, carefully read the specifications of the repeller.

As a rule,it pointed them protected area commensurate with its size. But remember that on the packaging the size of an empty room, therefore, evaluate the degree of congestion its area.

Consider the characteristics of the premises, for example, if the room stored foods, rodents out of there quickly to drive. Ultrasonic rodent repeller can fight with them for about two months, in the absence of food, rodents will be gone for two weeks.

If you are not afraid of the price otpugivateli rodents and you buy several, in different rooms, remember that some devices can work at negative temperatures. For example “Sonar”, “Range”, “Tornado” – work when the air temperature is more than -10 degrees.

If you have Pets at home, we use ultrasound, which they do not hear. Most of the production of foreign firms, and domestic Pets ultrasound to hear will be what they will be uncomfortable. People to hear the ultrasound will not be, except that the operation of the ultrasonic repeller “Spectrum” – it makes a small crackle.

Otpugivateli rodents are one of the most effective ways of rodent control.

The most common device models, which are used for rodent control are:

“Electrocat” . The device of this sample is used to combat rodents in a domestic environment. It can be used both in the apartment and in the office. The area of operation of this device is up to two hundred square meters. “Electrocat” equipped with a special generator that constantly operates at the level of frequencies and changes them. Because of this, mice and rats are not used to the ultrasound and constantly exposed to the device. Therefore, animals will not permanently located in the place where the repeller.

“GRAD A-1000 PRO” . This device represents a new generation of modern screechers, which combine the best qualities of the previous models. This model is very popular among consumers since its efficiency is quite high. Among the advantages of the “GRAD A-1000 PRO” you can mention flexibility, no noise. also high functionality. In addition, the device is equipped with a five-stage quality control system that ensures the efficiency of equipment.

The value of the repeller is quite high, but the result is worth it. The price of the “GRAD A-1000 PRO” is about four thousand .

– Pest Reject device, which is used not only to deter rodents and harmful insects. This device is completely safe for humans and Pets. The device comes with a digital electromagnetic pulses, which propagate in a housing with wires. Because of this, the range of the repeller covers the whole building. To work with the device is very simple, you just insert it in the socket, and to be sure that unwanted guests will soon be leaving home.

The cost of the device is within a thousand rubles .

– Plug in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller mice –a device aimed specifically at mice. A small box with a nice design will save you from the presence of mice in your house without hassle. The repeller will not interfere with the operation of household appliances and the Internet and do their work quietly and safely to others.

– Riddex plus is a device designed to scare away rodents and insects. The principle of operation of the device is somewhat different from the mechanisms for such appointment. After turning on the repeller in the socket, is formed a field around it, which affects insects and rodents, and they leave the area. The range is about two hundred square meters.

Buy the device can be at quite a reasonable price .

Reviews of people who used the screechers

Svetlana: “I though the person modern, but I never believed in the efficacy of small devices, called screechers. For me it was something actually resembling quackery. As soon as I appeared the rodents I was setting up mousetraps everywhere. This method is effective but takes a lot of time. On the recommendation of the salesperson at the store, I still bought Pest Reject and have not regretted it. This small size device works absolutely silently, and most importantly, I did not notice that unwanted guests in my house have disappeared by themselves.”

Oleg: “When I have in the pantry came the rats, I had no idea what to do with them. The trap here was not effective as animals. At the hardware store advised me to buy “Electrocat”. I reacted to this idea with skepticism, because I used to use the poison. But still, the salesman managed to convince me. The rat disappeared for a few days”.