Apes.The most intelligent animals of the planet

The smartest animals of our planet is apes . Sensational this statement will not name because they are our closest relatives. However, how to prove such a point?

Judging by modern anthropological data apes — Gibbons, orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas… and we humans (our direct ancestors). Not going to talk about a more narrow classification, it is better to show a table, which marked only the most basic ways of evolution.

Humanoid (hominoid)

(A hominid is called in modern life Bigfoot)

All apes have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from other primates.

First, the brain they have a larger volume, intelligence is more developed. Next: the body is larger than kin, there is no tail, and no cheek pouches. The differences can be seen if you watch the movement of hominoids trees. They do not run along the branches on all four limbs, as martisoarele, they move with very strong hands, very flexible joints beneath the branches. And finally, they have, as we have 4 groups of blood. And closest to us the blood of chimpanzees. Scientists have learned how to remove antibodies to the most urgent cases to help the person. And the blood of the Bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee) fully sootvetstvuyushie and even does not need additional processing.

On the wit can be judged by the ability of the animal to learn, and ability to find a way out of situations.

For example, a female orangutan living among the people, began to wash clothes, although no one ever taught her how to do it. Question: she likes to do, like to imitate or question in high intelligence? Most likely, it is simply an imitation.

But one representative of the genus of chimpanzees, before which scientists have set a task to reach a banana hanging high on a rope, “developed” a plan and coped with the task. She found old boxes in the aviary, built them from the dais, climbed up onto it and pulled out a treat. This indicates a high level of intelligence. Because the chimps had to think about the problem and use imagination to visualize possible solutions.

The following test verifies the awareness of her appearance. Many animals are not smart enough to recognize themselves in a mirror. Chimpanzees are not one of them. She carefully considers what he sees in the reflection, But how to prove that the female learned it yourself? Scientists go to experiment. On the back of the animal discreetly attach very lightweight, completely imperceptible to the subject. While chimpanzees not know it, it is quiet, but its down to the mirror. She admires what he sees in the reflection, turns the mirror and on the back… detects the foreign object. The monkey immediately tries to remove it, but not with reflection, but with their own spins.

All the big monkeys – very caring parents. They must not only look after their toddlers, but also a lot to teach them. Their devotion and affection to these animals attract many tourists.

Gorillas are the largest primates. Like all humanoid they share with us a developed intellect, a long childhood, close family ties and, most importantly, the ability to learn and affect the world around them.

These humanoid I’ll write in a future article. Believe me, some of the facts of their lives are staggering.

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Aggressiveness, gentleness, intelligence — it all originates in our past, is our history.

In the article, Animal rescuers, or the paw tells you how behaved gorilla, seeing a human baby in great danger.

And this case occurred in the vicinity of the national Park of the Congo. A female gorilla, apparently deciding to cross a small pond, first entered the water, then returned to the shore, found a long stick and checked the depth of the reservoir.

On the island of Borneo, where orangutans are settled. local residents were able to see how these apes used to usefully monitor. Apparently, once seen, how people fish, orangutans also decided to “go fishing”. Animals found abandoned tackle… Fish to the bait, certainly not has got, but with her help managed to get fallen from the trees fruits entangled in fishing line and the catch of the fishermen. This case is described in the book of Smits “Thinkers of the jungle”.

However, one of the most contentious issues is whether apes understand the language of the people. A female Bonobo (type of chimpanzee) was taught human language since childhood. To say she certainly can not, but with pleasure and unmistakably points to the image, corresponding to various concepts and even to perform simple tasks.

The human intelligence is superior to all other animals.

Mind helped our closest relatives to overcome the difficulties of life.

Therefore with confidence we can say that apes are the most intelligent animals. who inhabit this amazing world .

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