Classification of animal feeds

Characteristic of animal feed in the following classes:

Food economy class. The main source of protein in feed is economy class, are meat or vegetable ingredients are low quality, and sometimes meat in this Korma is absent, it is usually replaced animal fat or bone meal. Due to the fact that the digestibility and nutritional value of feed economy class low, the rules of consumption are much higher than in diets is more upscale, which largely negates their low cost.

Premium food. In the production of feed premium, as a rule, use high quality ingredients, they contain everything you need for the animal body the vitamins and nutrients. The main source of protein in such diets are usually high quality meat products, they are part of the vast majority of feed premium. Source of protein of plant origin, usually corn. In the production of feed premium allowed to use products that only have a veterinary certificate (i.e. instead of chicken feed in the manufacture of the carcass is used as a whole), however, the feed manufacturer is directly responsible for the nutrient balance and the preservation of vitamins in this product.

Feed a super-premium. Feed super premium class are products of the highest quality, such as macagnano, Turkey or fillet of Atlantic fish, egg as a source of protein of the highest biological value, rice, as one of the most complete and easily digestible types of grain, beet – one of the best sources of fiber. High quality fats are stabilized with vitamin E. Feed of the super-class contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates obtained from the primary (main) ingredients. This ration is made on the special equipment which allows to keep all its components in a biologically available state. That is why this food also has high taste appeal that dogs and cats eat it with great pleasure. Method of storage, packaging and distribution of feed preserves the integrity of the product until the moment he goes directly to the buyer. The diet of the super-class contains a lot of calories, metabolisable energy between 3700 and 4300 kcal, only exceptions are specialized lightweight products. Feed super premium class are well absorbed (the total digestibility is over 83%),they also possess great nutritional value. Usually, recipe data feed tailored to physical exertion, tendency to allergies and stage of life of the animal, so you can choose the right product tailored to your pet. Another important difference between the genuine product “super premium” is the fixed composition of ingredients, which remains stable and does not depend on price fluctuations on the market, which, unfortunately, is not always possible to say the feed of a lower class. Feed this level, as a rule, are more expensive than diets of economy and premium class, however, real costs, given the small rate of feed of super premium class will be slightly above the cost of cool food. Feed super premium class is a full – fledged specialized rations that meet all the needs of animal’s organism for nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Feed category holistic.The word “holistic” (holistic) is derived from the Greek “holos”, which means completeness, wholeness, interconnectedness as well as healing and harmony. It is a certain philosophy that considers the mind and body in undoubted harmony between oneself and the world (holistic approach). Feed holistic is a true elite super premium foods and the undoubted achievement in the creation of food for Pets. The composition of the hypoallergenic diets are environmentally friendly items, such as lamb and salmon fillet with the addition of healthy vegetables, fruits, and dietary supplements. Each ingredient is in the range of holistic dry feed to enhance the health of a pet. All of the food components and their proportions are selected so that pet has received all the necessary substances. The feed ingredients do not interfere with each other to absorb properly. As a result, the maximum absorption of feed grade holistic organism of an animal.Feed Gina and Gina Elite are made only from natural, fresh and whole ingredients. Innovative technologies for creating data of the diets using the most advanced methods of cooking that provide the highest standard of feed quality Gina Gina and Elites will contribute to the health and well-being of Your pet. All the ingredients are edible, even a person, carefully selected. The composition of feed super premium foods and the category holistic diet includes meat, cereals, fruits and vegetables of the highest quality standard. Feed Gina and Gina Elite – a new stage in the development of nutrition for Pets. This diet is as close to what the animal experiences in nature.