What to feed a three-week puppies?
Four-legged newborn baby is small, helpless baby, who requires special care and attention. In the first weeks of his life the puppy is fed exclusively on mother's milk. It so…

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Which animal have a baby?
You can rest assured! Between children and animals have some kind of connection, inter-species love... Animals play a very important role in the education of our children. So let's speculate,…

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A little bit about training dogs

Training…training of any kind requires patience. Different species of animals trained differently, someone, someone much slower. But most of the skills obtained during training depend on how and how well they were presented. The two main concepts of training is the control signals and reinforcement: positive or negative. According to Wikipedia, it is considered that to produce stable target behavior the animal requires from 20 to 200 reinforcements, the person — from 2 to 20.

It’s no secret that studying the same animal with different methods and approaches may give different results. As a positive, of course, everyone wants to see in the end, and negative, can lead to unpredictable consequences. You can train in different ways. You can rely on their own experience and intuition, you can read different literature data and follow the instructions, but, more preferably, to provide training under the guidance of an experienced instructor. For anybody not a secret that different instructors who teach the same course for one animal species, in our case dogs, the result can give different end results. It would seem that one breed of dog, but the approaches are different. Now very often people choosing a place to train your four-legged friend, is guided by various reviews,on the Internet and on the advice of friends. And then you can read what is on one site or another dogs are trained excessively hard, punish or are concerned primarily about self-expression than about the end result. Here is just wins a lot of experience and “genuine” reputation. Our instructor is one of those people who have come a long way training various breeds of dogs. They taught the basics of training on platforms such as “textile”, “Forest”, “Veterinary Academy” and “Vykhino”.

The priority is a service dog that was in progress since the middle of last century, and was one of the areas of the former DOSAAF. With the breeds of dogs most popular in recent years deal with the use of modern methods of training and various latest adjustments. You don’t know where to teach your dog different commands and skills and live in Moscow – can come to us. Together we will educate your dog! We are fairly in for convenient access location near the ring road. Before us there are a number of different vehicles. Even dog owners who live outside the areas Vyhino, Kuzminki, Lublino, Zhulebino or SEAD . on recommendations from various sources are willing to drive to us! Our site hosts a variety of events and tests with the invitation of authoritative judges.

We teach these types of services as – OKD. ZKS. The spae. BL. ID. CD. COP. VD. IPO . Classes are held on different days and agreed in advance schedule, in groups or individually. We can also recommend our trainers qualified veterinary care (home or clinic). Here you can buy a special snap-in training are required to work with your dog. One of the services can also be training with the content, but the most likely period for this can be the warm season (summer).