The cat, who to start?

Once the decision to start in the house of representative of the cat family acquires a clear shape (I hope you have studied the pros and cons of content cats ), and you begin to look at the representatives of various cat breeds. the next question that you definitely will need to find the answer, the question becomes – who will be your neighbor under the same roof – a cat. And here opinions are divided. Someone exclusively “for” cats, and someone exclusively “for” cats. So, who better to have – a cat or a cat? Today we will discuss the stereotypes and myths associated with them, as well as arguments in favor of and cats and cats. Solution? The right choice is for you…

Stereotypes and myths associated with sex pet

All cat – kind, tender, gentle.

The majority of the respondents (regardless of gender, age, status and intimacy of acquaintance with the family cat), to the question “who is better – him or her?” responded almost unanimously that the cat better cat. The explanation for this choice were the arguments that cats and thus and hunters, and all cats are really couch potatoes and lazy, cats are much more faithful and loyal to their owners than cats, they’re more neat and tidy, manual and tender… but is it really? Whether cats are better than cats?

If we consider first the characteristic of miners and hunters,cats do it much better than cats. About the “tenderness” is still a controversial issue. Kitties are such that it is better to them not to come, but there are cats, purring under which it is possible to forget about everything. Yes, and by and large, what does this “better”? Did the animal thing, to have a more upgraded characteristics or the question is still in that animal and you found a common language? On such rhetorical concepts can be argued endlessly, and light on our main question they, unfortunately, won’t shed. So, forgive us members of the cat family, will come on for a few seconds to the question of who to have in the house – cat or a cat, from the practical side. back to content ↑

The argument in favor of cats

The lack of the habit of “marking” territory (such marks are accompanied by cutting specific smell, which is quite persistent and does not withdraw).

The lack of habit to engage in cat fights (you don’t have to do her pussy ligation, since she never fights for cat teeth and claws – she has another weapon).

Cats – gentle and kind (in case you will be in a timely manner to resolve the issue with the “call of nature”, because at the moment when the cat hears it, she’s not to tenderness and to kindness, she will meow, not worse than the most vocal cat, and his whole appearance and acrobatic movements to show that now it was important for her to find the cat and not show you that she is tender, and you are not wrong, I chose her.)

All cats are lazy and really couch potatoes.

Experts on the behavior of cats, in turn, claim that such features as the cleanliness of the animal, his laziness, his capacity for affection and tenderness – all this, as in humans, individual features of character. As you know, sex has no influence on the formation of such behavior. Another thing – the living conditions of the cats, or, for example, age. So all kittens and cats in adolescence – playful, whereas adult individuals, having reached the 15 year milestone in the cat’s life is more calm and reasonable. Therefore, according to these experts-felinologists, the question “who is better male or female?” is not quite correct. There are no “better”, is simply “your cat or your cat”…

The argument in favor of choosing the cat

The lack of offspring (dubious advantage, as compared with the sterilized cat).

More “manly” character (important for those who are not inclined to be Intrusive tenderness towards animals).

“Human” psychologists say that actually the final choice in favor of the cat or cats affect our internal deep reasons, subconscious background, because man, by nature, tend to humanize animals and carry them on their perception of the world. So, for example, single women often give birth to the cat and not the cat (thereby subconsciously seek to fill the deficit of male attention and love), although there are situations where women give birth exclusively to cats (lady had been disappointed in men, and more does not trust them). In addition, it is noteworthy that sex is more important, not to men, namely women. The strong half of humanity will either Mouser or not, and regardless of gender. As for the male cat owner who surround themselves and cats and cats – then this suggests that such men have a hidden need to give love, selflessly to care for and not require anything in return.

And, yet, there is an opinion that we do not choose, the cat or cat, and they choose us. And, this statement has some truth. Cat-a cat living in your house, just allow us to love them, care for them. It is they, not we, decide when you want us to go nuts, and when the claws show. Therefore, it is not who to start, and then you will be able to become friends with your pet, and to live peacefully under one roof…

Finally, a video about cats and cats:

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Long ago it so happened that in our house live cats, and therefore, my opinion may be somewhat biased. However, I believe that cats are still cats preferable, provided that the problem is solved cardinally offspring (sterilization). The statement about the lack of manners in cats to “mark his territory” is very controversial. Our feisty Elizabeth different from the tender clutches of a bad character, allowed himself to such antics in my time. But what caused it is still not clear.

I can say only one thing — neither the cat nor the cat, and the dog (better Kobel’kov) and this, as likes to say Mr Zhirinovsky — DEFINITELY. Well, I love dogs and cats feel about practically nothing, I’m simply not interested. Of course I do not pretend that this is correct, but my opinion of it is.