Dog breeds for children

If your child wants a dog . you are probably faced with a choice: what kind of dog to choose for your child? This simple question has no clear answer. In principle, almost any dog has the potential to become a faithful companion to your child. We can assume that there are certain breeds of dogs for children . but getting any dog, you just don’t know what she’ll make. There are many factors that affect the ability of the dog to get along with children. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before you decide what dog to have a child .

Learning animal: Obedience and ease of training dogs is absolutely necessary when choosing a dog breed for children! Make sure someone from home able to spend a lot of time to raising and training a dog, especially a puppy. If your child wants to participate in the process of the dog training, followed by mandatory supervision. In addition, children in the family will need to learn how to properly behave with a dog.

The age and size of your pet, selecting a dog breed for children: Think about what age and activity level of your child. The kid can easily to drop the awkward, clumsy puppy, who himself is still poorly understood and very trusting. Large children may accidentally bump or crush a small dog if they are not always attentive. You may want to take an adult dog that already had experience with children, and may want to get a puppy. But keep in mind that a puppy requires lots of extra attention.

The character of the dog: When choosing a dog breed for children, consider her personality, character and temperament. Families with children ideal intelligent dog with a good temperament and moderate energy level. Some breeds get along better with children than others. Here are just some of the many dog breeds that generally do well with children:

So, the best dog for a child . this:

Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever. These dog breeds usually get along well with children and in addition very intelligent, but they can be too hyperactive, if you do not get enough physical activity. Recently there is an opinion that Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever, best dog breed for children . But this is a subjective factor, because this breed is not small and its coat requires good care.

Poodle. Believe it or not, but the Poodle is very intelligent and has a great temperament. In addition, you have the choice of the size of this breed is miniature poodle, medium size, or standard. The poodle is not very heavy in content. Eats not much. Requires trimming 2 times a year.

The Bichon Frise. This little furry ball loves to play, but usually not too hyperactive. In addition, the Bichon is a small dog that is great for young children. Regular grooming is not required.

Beagle. These dogs are friendly, clever and not too large, which makes them very suitable for children. Although some of them can be a little nervous. The Beagle usually responds well to training and learning.

The Cairn Terrier. These active little dogs seem to have a natural attraction to children. They can accompany them during all games and to endure anything, while maintaining the tranquility and softness.

Collie and collie dogs. They are both very calm, gentle and tolerant of children. They often give birth to children of all ages. Remember only the legendary lassie. When talking about dog breeds for children, many think it is Collie.

The German shepherd dog. This breed is very loyal and brave defender, but first must be well prepared and trained. The German shepherd dog has a playful nature, especially at a young age.

The French bulldog. When choosing a dog breed for children, I advise you to look to the French bulldog. As myself am a happy owner of female representatives of the breed, I can recommend her as the best dog for a child . My son adores it, doing anything with and they love each other and are willing to play for hours. This little dog is just designed to be a companion to your children and the whole family. The French bulldog has a gentle nature, affectionate to all family members. He can work tirelessly to nurse your child and despite its small size, if necessary, to protect. This breed will not bother and, as it copies the home life. Want to play – he will play with you. Want to sleep all day and the bulldog will do the same. In addition, the French bulldog is not whimsical care and not eating much.

Spaniels, especially the Cocker Spaniel. Cocker Spaniel, very gentle breed. They are loyal, caring, patient, loving, even gentle and easily trained. They are very loyal, especially to children.

Mixed-breed dog or mongrel. If you are not satisfied with the above dog breeds for children, you should look into this category of dogs. Pooch, as a rule, have a balanced character and very smart. Overall they are really amazing dogs! As a plus, you can save one dog’s life from the animal shelter.

Where to buy a dog: Once you have studied dog breeds for children and have decided which dog to choose for the child, the question arises, where to buy it: – If you want to have a purebred dog, find out what are the kennels and breeders with your breed of dog nearby. If more than one, try to visit each and see in what conditions dogs are kept, how to look like puppies. Check with veterinarians in the local kennel club. Connect to searching the Internet, perhaps on one of the forums or of the kennel, waiting for your puppy. No matter what he from out of town. This simple complexity is simply solved. Enough to negotiate with the conductor. It would be a wish! Do not be lazy to look for your family dog as it is for many years. Once you select a breeder, ask him about the temperament and personality of puppies. A good breeder will be good to know to know their puppies and their parents and will gladly share with you. – If you decided to take a mongrel dog. contact your local animal shelter. Here you can choose a dog of any age and size, in addition will tell you about her character and habits.

Yay, you chose the dog! Congratulations, you’ve found the best dog for your child and your family. Rusty the dog is a great way to enrich the development of children and create wonderful memories for years to come. The bond between dogs and children can be magical. Remember that the dog needs to be taught and takes good care of her. Do it with your child and he will learn caring and responsibility. Good luck, and enjoy!