Travelling with Pets, tips
Transporting animals by plane has its difficulties and is subject to special requirements as to the animal and to the preparation before the flight. Airlines set their own rules, and…

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Which animal have a baby?
You can rest assured! Between children and animals have some kind of connection, inter-species love... Animals play a very important role in the education of our children. So let's speculate,…

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The most unusual Pets

What animals man can tame and make them your Pets? Yes different – crocodiles, lions, deer, etc. They walk with them through the streets, as with dogs. Imagine how surprised their neighbors, when they see a crocodile on a leash. Watch a selection of Photos of the most unusual Pets.

Recently we wrote about the most bizarre and rare animals of our planet . this theme will be a bit similar, except that here we will talk about strange Pets

Actually the helminthologists studied roughly 200 species of these parasites that love to settle in the human body. Of these 70 species distributed in Europe, the CIS countries. Usually they are divided by shape, structure and divided into two large main groups: flat worms and nematodes.

Often the adults live in the human intestine, but can also be parasites living in the blood, brain, eye hollows, kidney, muscle, heart and liver of a person. To stay in their chosen authority and gain power, they use a special suction Cup.

How do you catch the worms?

1. Pinworms, ascarids, and whipworms: These types of parasites can be transmitted through dirty water, soil, unwashed vegetables, fruits. The eggs of these worms are often transferred to the legs of the flies.

2. Flukes,Trichinella: infection occurs from meat, fish exposed to insufficient heat treatment.

3. Echinococcus, ascarids: Their carriers are dogs, cats.

What are the signs of worms in humans?

As we have said, very often the worms do not have specific symptoms. But man, closely related to your body, you may pay attention to certain signs that should alert:

1. Nervous irritability. Often the person feels causeless outbursts of anger, fatigue, sleep disturbance, General weakness.

2. Abdominal discomfort, pain, rumbling, bloating, distension. May suddenly lose the appetite, but sometimes there is appetite. Disturbed digestion from constipation to diarrhea.

3. The worms infected person often develops anemia, anemia. Because parasites feed on blood, constantly causing damage to the intestinal mucosa.

4. In children infected with worms, with increased appetite, marked loss in weight, delayed growth, physical development.

5. Parasites from infected people often are allergic reactions, usually skin rashes, exacerbated chronic disease.

And foolishness in carrying the worms themselves ( also homemade ). especially those who have cats. dogs and etc . It’s in the city. in the village there is a easier resistance above. but if you do not know the elementary rules of hygiene, it also will feed them his body (species of worms very much) .There is a very small and not always they can be seen .Bude vigilant