Exotic animals: seven times think before to purchase.
The fashion for buying exotic animals came to us recently. Mainly caused by the fact that we began to travel more, and we want to bring home at least a…

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The largest breeds of domestic cats
Perhaps there is a little indifferent to cats people. Someone loves these furry creatures, and someone allergic to caudate beggars. Nature gave cats good flexibility, reaction and plasticity, and cheated…

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Room birds. Canary

According to an ancient legend Canaries appeared first on Canary Islands, and the Islands were part of the sunken Atlantis. Small yellow birds were the sirens, whose beautiful voice lured sailors with. But after a while the sirens for some strange reason, turned into little yellow birds. Still little wild birds live in the Canary Islands, high above sea level in the mountains covered with dense forest. For the first time the Canaries have found the Spanish navigators, who were delighted with the magical singing of these amazing birds.

Later the Spanish conquistadors decided to sell songbirds with the aim to increase their financial condition, the way Canaries were brought to Europe. Their calculation was correct, as the Canaries were expensive, and became rich thanks to them, hundreds of Spanish sailors. It was not until the fourth century. The shopkeepers went to the trick, they sold only males because they sing very well, and cannot produce offspring. But one day near the island of Elba the ship going to Leghorn, was shipwrecked, and many males Canaries were on the island. Here they were crossed with females of these finches and they had offspring. Charles Darwin described in his works about this crossing.

After some time, the Canaries began to dwell in the Azores, and Madeira. Since the development of rural hozyaystvava Canaries were settled on the plantations and orchards. As a favorite source of food was fruits, insects, seeds of grasses and is particularly a favorite Canary grass. Canaries belong to the family of finches. Wild Canaries are greenish color. The plumage on the back is different shades of green, breast and throat Golden-green and lemon-yellow. The tail in birds dark grey. The size of Canaries similar birds, the body length of no more than 15 cm.

Were bred new breeds of birds with different plumage and different sizes. Appeared Canaries yellow, orange, brown, colorful. In Russia, the Canary appeared in the 17th century and were very popular. In different Russian provinces of the birds were sold at fairs. Mating season in the Canaries starts in early spring. A young couple is building a nest high up in a tree. Future nest meanders from small stems and dry grass, the middle of the nest of the bird was carpeted with a soft fuzz. Then in the nest the female will lay eggs. The eggs are light blue with dark dots. After two weeks the Chicks appear. Parents feed nestlings for about three weeks. Over the summer, the female Canaries can make up to three clutches. In late summer, after moulting, Canaries gather in large flocks and begins a nomadic birds.

Canary you can buy at the pet store. Special care birds require. To content need the cage length 50 cm and width 30 cm For a pair of Canaries cage needs a little more. The cage should be kept clean. Canaries in the summer love to swim, so into the cell you want to put the container of warm water. But avoid drafts and cold, because the birds can catch a cold. In the cage you need to install the drinker. Feed the birds need special Canary seed. Birds also like egg whites, fruits, herbs. With proper care, the birds will long to please his singing.