Diseases of dogs and cats transmitted to humans

Many pet owners ask yourself one very important question is what disease you can catch from your pet. And the question is not so idle. Many of the disease. which Pets are sick, and dangerous for people.

Diseases transmitted to humans from animals are called a zooanthroponosis .

About 30 diseases that affect dogs and cats, pose a serious danger for humans. These include the helminth infections, toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis and others. People become infected during contact with wild and domestic animals. Consider the most dangerous disease in dogs and cats, which often exposed our Pets and can infected person.

Leptospirosis (infectious jaundice, Stuttgart disease, Weil disease) is an acute disease that affects mammals and people. The disease is usually transmitted through urine of infected animals or surrounding objects that were already infected, most often in places with high humidity, especially where there is standing water.

Contact Leptospira enter the body through mucous membranes or damaged skin. Once in the body, Leptospira begin to multiply in the blood, in the epithelium of tubules of kidneys and liver, leading to damage not only them but also other organs.

Specific prevention from leptospiraceae vaccination in dogs associated special vaccines.

When applied passive immunization hyperimmune serum is able to protect the animal from infection for about two weeks.

To avoid Contracting leptospirosis pet owners are advised:

regularly vaccinate your Pets;

in case if the animal was ill to start treatment as early as possible.

do not neglect personal hygiene measures when dealing with sick dog

If your pet is still detected leptospirosis – do not worry, as soon as possible, contact a trustworthy veterinarian, this disease can be cured successfully.

Helminthiasis is a number of diseases like common in dogs and cats and in humans, These diseases are caused by helminths (worms ) – parasitic worms. You need to understand that the carriers of helminths, many are living close to our Pets, from which worms can be transmitted to humans.

Very often we eat with favorites “from one bowl”, and all family members, including children, are “slicked”, especially dogs, in meetings or at games.

Worms are more common in dogs, which constantly pick up something on the street, or subject coprophagia (eating their own or other people’s faeces), as well as in cats that hunt mice.

For the prevention and treatment should:

personal hygiene;

every three months should be carried out de-worming treatment for owner and pet;

if your dog is bought meat or other meat products of unknown origin need long heat treatment.

Rabies – a disease that is widespread worldwide. Sources of rabies infection can be both wild and domestic animals. In case of a bite, the rabies virus enters the bloodstream, where peripheral nerves are transferred to the Central nervous system. The incubation period usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks, but sometimes from 12 days to one year. The incubation period will be shorter if the concentration of the virus will be higher and if the bite was in the head or neck. Rabies isn’t cured . manifested clinical symptoms of the prerequisites of death !

Vaccination is the only effective way to prevent rabies. It should be done annually for all dogs and cats.

Prevention of rabies includes:

annual inoculation of Pets against rabies;

the exclusion of any contacts with suspicious and wild animals;

regular activities for extermination in homes of rodents that may be carriers of rabies and other diseases.

refusing visits is unfavorable for rabies areas.

Toxoplasmosis is a protozoal disease found in cats and in humans, which is caused by Toxoplasma – intracellular parasites. Pets become infected with toxoplasmosis from eating raw meat, which was obtained from patients with toxoplasmosis of animals after infection with already domesticated animals become a source of danger to humans. Toxoplasma can be detected in the urine, feces, saliva and secretions from the nasal cavities. Human infection most often occurs after eating Toxoplasma infected meat that has not been properly prepared, i.e. was absent for a long period of heat treatment.

Prevention of infection involves:

personal hygiene;

proper cooking of meat products for animals and humans by a long period of heat treatment.

exclusion of contacts with the infected patients toxoplasmosis in Pets;

Zoster – diseases of the skin, which are caused by pathogenic fungus. The causative agents are fungi of two types: Microsporum and Trichophyton. Ringworm is transmitted to humans! More susceptible to infection people with poor health or with immune deficiency, so you should try to eliminate contact with sick animals deprive children or the elderly. At present ringworm (favus) can be treated using antifungal drugs.

The pet owners need to understand that they are responsible not only for their health but also the health of their Pets and other people. It must be remembered that the prevention of diseases transmitted from animal to man basically personal hygiene and owners timely vaccination of Pets.