The most expensive Pets

10. Cause

Mummies of cats, House, semi-wild animals, descendants of a marsh lynx were found during the excavation of ancient Egyptian graves. House have strong muscular body, rare dog is able to overcome them. In addition, this cat not afraid of water, so the Egyptians used it for hunting waterfowl.

In the 1960s, Americans crossed house homemade Abyssinian cat, resulting in a new, friendly to man, a breed of cause. These cats are not only high intelligence and strong need in human society, but also a beautiful appearance: they have a slender body, tall slender legs and small paws, mobile ears, are often decorated with fluffy tassels. Cause can be brown (ticked tabby), black or grizzled (black with silver tips).

The cost of cause first generation reaches 3 000 $.

9. Bengal cat

One parent of the Bengal cat and the wild Asian leopard cat, and the second is an ordinary domestic Abyssinian or Egyptian Mau. Like all hybrids, Bengal-friendly nature, strong curiosity and love to hunt. They love to play in water, can catch fish and enjoy swimming.

Motivates and captivates people of Bengal cat the stunning patristische: contrasting black or dark brown marble color Golden-orange background.

The cost of a Bengal cat first generation reaches 3 000 $.

8. Chinese crested hairless dog

It is believed that this breed originates from the African hairless dogs, known for over three millennia. In the ancient world miniature hairless dogs were the subject of worship, they were considered the epitome of loyalty and sincere love. To keep them is permitted only to the rulers.

For the first time at the exhibition Chinese crested hairless dog was presented in 1897 the famous English traveler and exhibition judge W. Taunton, and the breed standard was approved only in 1981. The uniqueness consists in the fact that two varieties, hairless and fluffy are inseparable from each other, and in each litter there are certainly one or two of the puppy, covered with hair.

The value of the Chinese crested hairless dog reaches 5 000 $.

7. Lyon-Bichon

Although in France the breed has been known since the XIV century, in the twentieth century it lost popularity, and in 1966 all over the world, there were only 40 species of lion dogs, they were listed in the Guinness book of records as the rarest breed. Thanks to the efforts of several breeders, the number of Lyon-Bichons are increasing and are now born every year more than 100 puppies.

Bichons – the perfect companion dogs, they are friendly, sociable, love walks. But the small size and thick long hair only adds to his appeal.

The cost of the lion dog is about 8 000 $.

6. Karaket

Caracat – a hybrid of Caracal, wild cats, and home, the Abyssinian. For the first time karaketov brought just eight years ago, in 2007, the aim of breeders has been the birth of large friendly cat, with graceful tassels on the ears and with a nice solid coat without spots and stripes.

From the wild ancestor karaket inherited a well-developed hearing, good health, curiosity, great mobility and precision of movement. From domestic cats to it has moved the attachment to the person and unchanging affection.

The cost carakita first generation of about $ 10,000.

5. Fish Arowana

Arowana appeared on Earth in the Jurassic period, perhaps that is why they are called fish-dragon. Now especially popular silver arowana, it stands out mirror silvery scales, which are incredibly beautifully shimmer in the light. Fish charms snake’s flexibility, she can “bite its own tail”.

For breeding arowana require a spacious aquarium with secure lid because this fish can jump to a height of 3 m, and the length of her torso in captivity reaches 100 see She’s aggressive, so it is advisable not to put her in an aquarium with other species.

The price of arowana is 12 000 $.

4. Hyacinth macaw

Hyacinth macaw – one of the largest parrots in the world. Body length reaches one meter, a wingspan of about 90 cm. the Plumage of this bird is purple-blue, the ends of its wings blue-gray, and his eyes dark brown. Ara’s powerful beak allows it to crack even a coconut shell, which other birds are not subject to.

Especially popular hyacinth macaws began after the release of the animated film “Rio” where the main characters are a young couple these parrots. By the way, a couple of Ara create a once in a lifetime. Now these birds listed in the Red book of the mass trapping by man.

Hyacinth macaws cost is 12 000 $.

3. Black cockatoo

Black cockatoo has a high intelligence uses tools that perfectly mimics the sounds. Beautiful graphite-black plumage of the parrot is stressed coral cheeks, his head decorated with a tuft of disheveled. The price of this bird reaches 15 000.e.

Despite the high cost to call black cockatoo attractive to the captivity industry is quite difficult. The bird eats large nuts, and adapts poorly to artificial food. Parrot makes itself felt nasty sharp voice, not really caring about the time of day. Tame he is not fading, strong beak can cause serious injury not careful the owner.

2. Cat Savannah

The Savannah is a hybrid home (Siamese, Bengal or Oriental) and feral cats (savrala). The relationship with the Serval gave Savannah the Cheetah’s spotted coat, high growth (60 cm) and considerable weight (about 15 kg). In Savannah combined inherited from a wild relative of the love of adventure and the need for human communication is received from home parents.

The most expensive Savannah’s first generation, the percentage of blood several is from 50% to

80%, the second – from 26% to

40%, from 12% to

20%. Depending on the generation, the price of a cat can vary from 20 000 to 2 500 dollars.

1. Tibetan Mastiff

Legend has it that the Tibetan Mastiff was accompanied in the earthly wanderings of the Buddha and Genghis Khan. Today the Tibetan Mastiff is one of the largest breeds, it is assumed that direct ancestors are wolves. One Mastiff is easy to cope with the leopard, and the two can defeat the king of beasts – the lion.

Despite great strength, the Tibetan Mastiff is characterized by a devotion to the owner, easy to train, friendly to family members, but strangers not admit, perfectly coping with the responsibilities of a guardian.

The cost of the puppy reaches 3 000 $, and the adult can cost more than 1.5 million. In addition, the content of such dogs have to spend about $ 200 a year.