Pets help autistic children to develop self-confidence
A pet can significantly improve social interaction of children with autism. If in previous studies the focus was on dogs, a new study showed that any pet has a positive…

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A little bit about training dogs of any kind requires patience. Different species of animals trained differently, someone, someone much slower. But most of the skills obtained during training depend on how and how well…

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Pets for children

“Buy me a dog” – who has not heard this phrase from the child? Every child dreams about a pet. Someone on the big dog, someone on the tiny Hummingbird. What to do parents in this situation? To buy a pet for a child or not? If you allow, then what animal to choose, what is the minimum age to have a pet? There is a lot of the issues we will examine in more detail.

Pets for child – Caprice or necessity?

The age of the child

In 2-3 years the child cannot care for a pet, but he would be happy to observe all of your actions, and can even help. It is better to start with birds, fish or hamster. In older age, when the child becomes independent and can take care not only about yourself, you can afford those Pets, but the care and feeding of the child takes over. He will learn to be responsible, not to miss the feeding, changing hygiene products. He will have his personal friend. But in 7-8 years, the child not only to play with him, to care for, feed, but also to participate in education, to walk the pet.

What kind of pet to have?

You need to consider many factors: your financial possibilities, from your living space to the character of your child. If you have a small apartment then a big dog would not be very appropriate to the animal and not comfortable,and you closely. So choose small breed dogs or cats.You need to consider your time. Will you be able to pay due attention to the pet, as most of the care burden will fall on your shoulders. Dogs need special care, they should be carding, wash paws after each walk, to buy the necessary goods for dogs in Moscow. With regard to the nature of the animal, then pick up individually. A quiet child will find it difficult to adapt to the noisy and restless little friend. Mobile and Vice versa.

That gives the child’s relationship with animals? Where to find the pros and cons?

There is no doubt that the animal helps the child adapt to the outside world. On the basis of their interests, and he develops new friends and associates. The child learns what is good, learning to attend to loved ones, learns compassion. Watching the animals, he meets with the animal world in General. Do not be afraid that after playing with a new family member, a week later, all worries will go to you. It is necessary in advance to warn the child and explain about responsibility, and what happens if the pet is not to care. It is a living being. And here it is important how you feel about your little friend of your child. All your behaviour it will copy, and here it is important to involve him in the daily manipulation – walks, care, bathing, feeding, education. Get yourself a pet, you will not notice how your child will change for the better, and with them you will be happy.