Mongolian gerbils — pet rodents

Millions of people live in cities, large and small. And almost everyone dreams of a house a friend who always waited for him. But most of us are unable to have a dog and walk nowhere, and not enough time. And to know that the dog because of your mode of life and suffering does not receive proper attention, hard.

Of course, you can get a cat, but it is not everyone can afford — the smell is annoying, spring “booze”, allergic to the fur of the relatives. Aquarium. Just because fish are dumb. Although it is very interesting to observe this “little ocean”, which is always peace and tranquility. But in the hands of the fish will not take…

So, rodents remain Pets — animals interesting and fun! Mice, rats, degu, hamsters, marmots, susliks, jerboas, gerbils (Mongolian, noon, kustistost) — a lot of different species of animals that no longer live near the person. Stop your choice on the Mongolian gerbils — fluffy irrepressible optimists, which are ideal for keeping in the apartment.

First of all, gerbils can be active not only at night, like most rodents, but during the day! Then there is no need to wait until the evening to see how your friend’s eating or playing— he is ready to frolic anytime! Once you approach the terrarium or cage and a gerbil with curiosity will run out to meet you. Secondly, from gerbils have no smell! It helps to clean the cage every 2 weeks and the smell will be completely gone. Agree, a very big plus. Thirdly, Mongolian gerbils are not aggressive. Even if you have not been engaged in the domestication of your pet, he will not bite you when transferring to another cell. Also indisputable advantage over many rodents.

And fourthly. If you don’t treat people who can’t pass up the animal to pet, if you do not want to take the beast in hand — gerbil it is not going to hurt you. Just in this case it is better to take two animals and it would be enough for the company of each other for a fun and busy life. And you can watch the lives of these kids. Over the decades, Mongolian gerbils live in the lab and in the home, much attention was paid to the genetics of these animals. And thanks to this research every year there are more and more colours of these amazing rodents.