Exotic animals that can be tamed

The tarantula looks menacing, but is quite suitable for the role of pet in the right hands. He needs a warm terrarium with moist air and food in the form of live insects or small rodents. Villi of spiders can cause an allergic reaction, and it stings, though not deadly to humans, can cause severe intoxication.

Reaction to the spider venom from each individual and can be manifested through several years of interaction with this animal. For dogs, cats and other Pets bite of the tarantula can be fatal. Beginners are usually recommended a few species of spiders that do not show aggression and not too demanding in terms of content.

Turtles – beautiful and funny animals interesting to watch. Some of them are even trainable. For a happy life next to a man the turtles right conditions resembling their natural redouane. For tortoises is a warm terrarium with UV lamp for water aquarium with the shore or a snag and a water filter. Keep the turtle in a cardboard box or leave on the floor of the apartment – it’s cruel.

As a rule, the apartments have small turtles, but if you can afford a large aquarium or terrarium, nothing prevents to buy a big turtle. For example, African spurred a land turtle like Leonardo Di Caprio. These turtles can reach a weight of 100 kg and a length of 70 cm, the lifespan of animals is about 50 years.

Villabruna Vietnamese pig has been bred for meat, but thanks to his good temper, cleanliness, ability for socialization and small size, these pigs spread around the world as Pets. In their behavior a lot of pure dog shit: they are attached to their master, loves to be stroked and scratched, trainable.

Unlike dogs pigs villabruna suspicious and distrustful, but those who have earned their location, they love wholeheartedly. Villabruna pigs are unpretentious in food, do not suffer from fleas, do not bite, do not cause allergies. From the lack of attention pigs can sink into depression or become aggressive.

George Clooney for 18 years lived villablue black pig Max. When he died of old age in 2006, the actor was very worried and still decided not to find a replacement. Miley Cyrus suddenly got willobrook pig in his 20th birthday, which was indescribably happy.

Strange animal kinkajou or honey bear, is a small predator of the raccoon family – recently became very popular as a pet. He is usually calm but not averse to play. His soft fur, long tail, large eyes, round ears and little fingers make it look like a plush toy.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Paris Hilton some years held the house of kinkajou together with Chihuahua and often appeared in public with both Pets. The idyll ended when Paris was seriously bitten by an excited animal. Kinkajou left to live in a house diva, but did not receive her love and attention.

Sugar possum, a close relative of flying squirrels – cute and very active little animal. If it created the conditions, for example, a large aviary, a greenhouse or Conservatory, where he could fly from site to site, it will be agreeable pet. Without sufficient activity and contact with humans or their own kind of sugar possum bored and sick.

An important feature of this animal – sugar possum is nocturnal, so sleep in the same room with him will not work.

The Salvador Dali had an anteater, whom he walked on a gold leash and took him for receptions. Now this is an unusual animal is increasingly becoming a pet. Contrary to the name anteater eats not only ants, but also fruits, vegetables, meat. Because the anteater has no teeth, the food has to grind, but it has its good side – the anteater no one is going to bite you.

The anteaters owners say that these animals are very friendly, loyal and playful as dogs.

Home Fox so far distributed only in Russia. They were withdrawn by the Novosibirsk Institute of Cytology and genetics of wild silver foxes. Animals were selected according to the degree of obedience, and in the end, Pets foxes their behavior is very similar to dogs and cats: they are friendly, playful, independent, not aggressive and well trained. And fluffy red fur and cute face make them the perfect decoration for the home.

All this applies only to the specially derived domestic foxes. Wild animal and even a cub raised by a human, are dangerous, as their behavior is completely unpredictable.

Wild desert Fox the Fennec foxes can become tame, if man will feed her from infancy. Owners of Fennec Fox can not forget the words of Antoine Saint-Exupery that we are responsible for those who tamed, because these foxes cannot exist in and of themselves, he becomes their family. Fenech is very playful, affectionate, delicate, but shy and wary of strangers. They like to walk, but in cold weather they feel well in the apartment. To get cold they can not, cure this animal is very difficult. Otherwise Fenech unpretentious, eats food for puppies and kittens, has no smell, no sprays.

Before you buy an exotic pet, inspired by the example of celebrities think whether you are ready to care for your pet for several years. If the answer is Yes, hurry to the pet store or book the strange animal on the Internet.