How to feed a puppy of the French bulldog

Proper puppy nutrition — the key to health for many years! To avoid disorders of the gastrointestinal tract of the puppy you just bought, it have to feed upon the recommendation of the breeder for at least two weeks, then gradually transition to another food. Keep an eye on the puppy every day we receive all the necessary substances required for growth and proper formation of genetic proportions — strong muscles and strong bones. Do not teach your puppy to beg, don’t let him off the table, he must eat only from his bowl. Try to feed your puppy regularly. The little puppy fed more often in small portions. Food prepared for the puppy must be at room temperature – not too cold and certainly not hot, in the form of porridge. Water is best filtered or boiled, also at room temperature. When the puppy does not eat constantly serving, one of the feeds removed, and the portions increase, and Vice versa, when eats everything and licks the bowl, the portions should be increased. If the puppy while eating spoiled food and not eat what he is given, do not rush to go at it on occasion and add to food something tasty, and worse still, chasing him with a bowl. Just get a bowl of food until the next feeding. Any overfeeding leads to obesity and abnormal formation of the dog. You should not combine dry food with natural (homemade), since such feeding can cause an imbalance — disturbance of absorption and metabolism,which in turn will lead to diarrhea and etc. All products processed in the body differently. For example, if “home feeding” assimilation is about 72%, when feeding dry food is 86%, feed canned food — 90%. Type of feeding can only be changed gradually, making sure that the diet must contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals, because the lack of them can lead to various diseases. Unfortunately there is no universal recipe for all dogs, it depends on many factors: the health of the puppy, the time available to the owner, the financial status of the owner and other factors. It is possible that to select the correct feeding plan will fail and may have to try different. If the puppy is pleased with their activity and excellent health was, to have made the right choice. Otherwise, changing your dog’s diet. Not necessarily that it will be well-known, expensive food or a piece of fresh clippings is the most important criterion is the health and appetite of your child.