To have Pets

As a child we asked the parents to get a dog, a cat or even a hamster. Years passed and with the same requests our children. How to be: give the request to refuse or strongly? Try to understand this question.

To have a pet or not

Sooner or later the question arises about the institution pet. Sometimes the children. driven by the desire to gain four-legged friend bring the kittens from the street or lot and for a long time speak about how charming puppy gave a classmate on my birthday.

For pet, the child seems ready to do everything – from eating semolina to excellent study and explore all possible circles and sections. Of course, parents perfectly understand that and half of those promises will not be fulfilled, but all the same, though.

Let’s try to look at the situation from different points of view and to weigh all “for” and “against”.

The pros

The presence in the house, dog, parrot or fish positive influence on children here’s why: to develop a sense of responsibility, self-discipline.

The child learns to care about someone, to fulfill certain responsibilities. In a sense, the presence of a pet contributes to the formation mode of the day .

According to psychologists, the presence of four-legged friend has a positive effect on the formation of novikoviiaeeia in children. In addition, children who lack communication perceive the animal as a friend, only silent and four-legged (or winged).

Communication with the animal, again according to the observations of psychologists, helps children to better control their emotions: if a game is unpleasant to the animal, it definitely is a show, and then the child (with the compulsory participation of parents) will learn that to hurt other people cannot.

The cons

The child can perceive a pet as a toy. There are two possible alternatives. In the first, parents may eventually take care of a pet, or insist that the child is cared for the animal itself. In the latter case, the child may develop a dislike for animals or even aggressive attitude.

You are not ready for the material costs, which are unavoidable with the appearance of winged or four-legged pet.

Can appear allergic to wool. It’s simple: before you have a pet, get tested at the allergist. If we turn to research in this area, it turns out that in families, where they live Pets, the risk of allergic diseases reduced by more than 70%.

Explain it this way: a child’s immune system begins to function actively, accordingly some allergic reactions are suppressed, and the child is developing successfully.

Whom to choose as a pet

Selection is undoubtedly extraordinarily great and make it is not always easy. You must realize that each animal has its own specifics in terms of care, custody, and maintenance of health.

The most popular option – a cat or a dog. If you are ready to come to terms with the activity and the exceptional independence of cats or just passionate about these wonderful animals, you can safely get a cat or a cat.

With a dog and everything is easier and harder at the same time. Time on her education and training need much more than teaching the cat to follow at least some rules. In the plan of care the dog will require more time due to the fact that her need to walk.

Rodents – hamsters, rats, rabbits, chinchillas. Activity in these characters, as a rule, falls on the dark. If you are willing to endure rustling and a rather peculiar smell – make. Just take care of the suitable cell, and note the peculiarities of reproduction, if decided on a few animals.

Fish. How to choose an aquarium and which fish to put in it you can read in our publications. Concerning the technical and cost sides of the issue, it is troublesome and costly. So, if you have the time and financial resources, as well as a hefty supply of patience – the aquarium is a good option.

Birds. Not every feathered possible to keep at home. The most popular option – parrots. They require a cage, selection of feed (for cats and dogs is also a very important issue). And parrots will not take to the vet in case. And the noise from them also a lot.

Exotic animals. Today many tend to have an unusual pet. It is not clear for whom: for child or for yourself. Crocodile in the bath, of course, not everyone can afford, but still. Spiders, snakes. ferrets (such as decorative), chameleons and other other unusual Pets requires careful preparation and knowing what purpose you make and to whom will be entrusted the primary responsibility for the care and maintenance of Pets in order.

By the way, I do not advise to go to the bird market for a pet. Animals are often carriers of very nasty and dangerous diseases, and therefore it is better to turn either to the pet store (there at the same time you will be able to advise on the conditions of detention of the animal), or in any nursery. You can also take a kitten or a puppy from distributing the offspring of the hosts.

To have a pet or not is a difficult matter. The main thing is to approach to its decision is reasonable and then of course, there will be the best option.

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