Animals for kids - first pet for a child
Most children, if asked, will Express a strong desire to have a pet, and many parents see the benefits when in the child's life appears favorite pet. Pets can teach…

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Which animal have a baby?
You can rest assured! Between children and animals have some kind of connection, inter-species love... Animals play a very important role in the education of our children. So let's speculate,…

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What to feed a three-week puppies?

Four-legged newborn baby is small, helpless baby, who requires special care and attention. In the first weeks of his life the puppy is fed exclusively on mother’s milk. It so happens that the puppies in the litter a lot, and milk the Mama dog is small and already by the end of the second week its not enough for a whole platoon of hungry little mouths. In this case, does not remain anything else how to translate puppy to lure.

Puppies three-week is already big children and to suckle them is quite real, even if their mothers really were out of milk.

What to feed a three-week puppies?

As foods it is best to use goat’s milk, it is believed that in its composition it is the most close to dog’s milk. The only problem is that to get goat’s milk in a metropolis is not always possible. In this case, alternatively, you can use formula with rice or look at pet stores the dog milk replacer designed for feeding newborn puppies of orphans.

At three weeks of age the puppies can lure not only formula milk, but also add to their diet of fish, meat and vegetable pyureshki, cottage cheese, porridge.

How to feed a three-week puppies?

In this vozrastaet already pretty smart and can be fed not only from the nipples. To check this, try dipping your finger in the mixture and put the four-legged terrors to be licked. The wisest immediately occupy the bowl. If your four-legged wards still refuse to eat independently, feed them from a bottle or from a syringe without a needle. As a rule, the representatives of the decorative breeds of dogs longer accustomed to self-eating.

How much should they eat three-week puppy?

At the third or fourth week, puppies can consume up to 500 ml of milk per day. If the puppy still eats breast milk, the daily intake of foods is broken into three divided doses and should not exceed 150 grams per day.

Meat sauce – 1 teaspoon per day (from the fourth week is added to the meat broth);

Fish fillet 50 grams a day not more than three times a week;

Vegetable puree and about 50 grams a day;

Dairy semi-liquid cereals (except semolina) – 50-100 grams a day.

With three weeks puppies begin to produce water.

How often to feed a puppy three weeks?

Up to two months of age, pups deprived of breast milk, fed at least six times a day (as a hungry squeak). If the mother of the puppies is the lure start typing with two or three times a day, gradually increasing to five or six times, bringing breast milk to a minimum. Six-time power will have to adhere to while puppies are “bonked” 2,5 -3 months.