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To have Pets

As a child we asked the parents to get a dog, a cat or even a hamster. Years passed and with the same requests our children. How to be: give the request to refuse or strongly? Try to understand this question.

To have a pet or not

Sooner or later the question arises about the institution pet. Sometimes the children. driven by the desire to gain four-legged friend bring the kittens from the street or lot and for a long time speak about how charming puppy gave a classmate on my birthday.

For pet, the child seems ready to do everything – from eating semolina to excellent study and explore all possible circles and sections. Of course, parents perfectly understand that and half of those promises will not be fulfilled, but all the same, though.

Let’s try to look at the situation from different points of view and to weigh all “for” and “against”.

The pros

The presence in the house, dog, parrot or fish positive influence on children here’s why: to develop a sense of responsibility, self-discipline.

The child learns to care about someone, to fulfill certain responsibilities. In a sense, the presence of a pet contributes to the formation mode of the day .

According to psychologists, the presence of four-legged friend has a positive effect on the formation of novikoviiaeeia in children. In addition, children who lack communication perceive the animal as a friend, only silent and four-legged (or winged). Continue reading

How to care for Guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are increasingly becoming, say, members of the Russian families. What are they so attractive? Actually this is one of the best Pets for children. They never bite and are not aggressive. However, in case of irritation of the maximum able to hit the offender with his teeth. By the way, Guinea pigs are very attached to humans and love being petted. However, they are very beautiful, so communication with them is great fun.

However, like any other domestic creature, a Guinea pig needs care. These creatures don’t need walking, unlike dogs, the house and occupy little space.

How to bathe Guinea pigs?

Meanwhile, Guinea pigs, and cats are very clean by nature. They can’t stand to be dirty. And this is despite the long coat of the Guinea pig or not at all. And frequency of bathing should be determined based on breed. Experts recommend to carry out the procedure no more than once a week. However, if the Guinea pig has appeared a speck on the body, it is not worth it to drag into the bath.

Experts advise bathing the animals in the sink, in a basin, well or bathroom. You should not pour too much water, otherwise the pig can get scared. Or try to wash sparkpod the showerhead. At the bottom of the sink or basin is put a piece of tissue that pads the pigs from slipping. Continue reading

Exotic animals that can be tamed

The tarantula looks menacing, but is quite suitable for the role of pet in the right hands. He needs a warm terrarium with moist air and food in the form of live insects or small rodents. Villi of spiders can cause an allergic reaction, and it stings, though not deadly to humans, can cause severe intoxication.

Reaction to the spider venom from each individual and can be manifested through several years of interaction with this animal. For dogs, cats and other Pets bite of the tarantula can be fatal. Beginners are usually recommended a few species of spiders that do not show aggression and not too demanding in terms of content.

Turtles – beautiful and funny animals interesting to watch. Some of them are even trainable. For a happy life next to a man the turtles right conditions resembling their natural redouane. For tortoises is a warm terrarium with UV lamp for water aquarium with the shore or a snag and a water filter. Keep the turtle in a cardboard box or leave on the floor of the apartment – it’s cruel.

As a rule, the apartments have small turtles, but if you can afford a large aquarium or terrarium, nothing prevents to buy a big turtle. For example, African spurred a land turtle like Leonardo Di Caprio. These turtles can reach a weight of 100 kg and a length of 70 cm, the lifespan of animals is about 50 years.

Villabruna Vietnamese pig has been bred for meat, but thanks to his good temper, cleanliness, ability for socialization and small size, these pigs spread around the world as Pets. In their behavior a lot of pure dog shit: they are attached to their master, loves to be stroked and scratched, trainable. Continue reading

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