Animal diseases dangerous to humans
To infectious diseases common to animals and humans include: rabies, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, leptospirosis, brucellosis, anthrax, chlamydiosis, listeriosis and many others. other. By parasitic diseases include: trichinosis, coccidiosis, cucumber tapeworm, trichomoniasis,…

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The most important "transport" Pets
It had been thousands of years since man first domesticated animals for their needs. Many of them considered them as food, but some of them have become loyal friends and…

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The largest breeds of domestic cats

Perhaps there is a little indifferent to cats people. Someone loves these furry creatures, and someone allergic to caudate beggars. Nature gave cats good flexibility, reaction and plasticity, and cheated big size body. But in the world there are rocks, superior to the mass of even some of the dogs several times. Let’s carefully examine the largest breeds of domestic cats.

10 Kurilian Bobtail Weight up to 7 kg

Arctic cat, which is considered the birthplace of the Kuril Islands Iturup and Kunashir. Was brought to the “mainland” in the 80-ies of the last century. Feature of the Kurilian Bobtail is the lack of fear of water. But in spite of this, bathing a cat is not drawn. Is a good fisherman and well tolerates low temperatures. This breed is included in the list of the largest, will be a good choice for the future owner. Because the Bobtail would be his true friend. He is friendly, active, and in some aspects of behavior similar to a dog (bring a toy). Males can weigh up to 6.5 to 7 kg; females 3-5 kg.

9 Chartreuses to 7 kg

This breed is recognized all over the world except the UK. The islanders believe that Chartreuse is just kind of Shorthair British cats. First animal to breed in the French city of Chartres, where, in fact, gave its name to the breed. In Germany was called the Chartreuse Carthusian cat, in honor of odnoimennogo monks. This kind of like dogs: cats are strong, muscular, responded to her name, if desired, can learn to bring things. The males can weigh the Chartreuse, which occupies 9 place in the top of the largest breeds of domestic cats, is 6-7 kg, of females 4-6 kg. Continue reading

How to feed a puppy of the French bulldog

Proper puppy nutrition — the key to health for many years! To avoid disorders of the gastrointestinal tract of the puppy you just bought, it have to feed upon the recommendation of the breeder for at least two weeks, then gradually transition to another food. Keep an eye on the puppy every day we receive all the necessary substances required for growth and proper formation of genetic proportions — strong muscles and strong bones. Do not teach your puppy to beg, don’t let him off the table, he must eat only from his bowl. Try to feed your puppy regularly. The little puppy fed more often in small portions. Food prepared for the puppy must be at room temperature – not too cold and certainly not hot, in the form of porridge. Water is best filtered or boiled, also at room temperature. When the puppy does not eat constantly serving, one of the feeds removed, and the portions increase, and Vice versa, when eats everything and licks the bowl, the portions should be increased. If the puppy while eating spoiled food and not eat what he is given, do not rush to go at it on occasion and add to food something tasty, and worse still, chasing him with a bowl. Just get a bowl of food until the next feeding. Any overfeeding leads to obesity and abnormal formation of the dog. You should not combine dry food with natural (homemade), since such feeding can cause an imbalance — disturbance of absorption and metabolism,which in turn will lead to diarrhea and etc. All products processed in the body differently. For example, if “home feeding” assimilation is about 72%, when feeding dry food is 86%, feed canned food — 90%. Type of feeding can only be changed gradually, making sure that the diet must contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals, because the lack of them can lead to various diseases. Continue reading

Exotic animals that can be tamed

The tarantula looks menacing, but is quite suitable for the role of pet in the right hands. He needs a warm terrarium with moist air and food in the form of live insects or small rodents. Villi of spiders can cause an allergic reaction, and it stings, though not deadly to humans, can cause severe intoxication.

Reaction to the spider venom from each individual and can be manifested through several years of interaction with this animal. For dogs, cats and other Pets bite of the tarantula can be fatal. Beginners are usually recommended a few species of spiders that do not show aggression and not too demanding in terms of content.

Turtles – beautiful and funny animals interesting to watch. Some of them are even trainable. For a happy life next to a man the turtles right conditions resembling their natural redouane. For tortoises is a warm terrarium with UV lamp for water aquarium with the shore or a snag and a water filter. Keep the turtle in a cardboard box or leave on the floor of the apartment – it’s cruel.

As a rule, the apartments have small turtles, but if you can afford a large aquarium or terrarium, nothing prevents to buy a big turtle. For example, African spurred a land turtle like Leonardo Di Caprio. These turtles can reach a weight of 100 kg and a length of 70 cm, the lifespan of animals is about 50 years.

Villabruna Vietnamese pig has been bred for meat, but thanks to his good temper, cleanliness, ability for socialization and small size, these pigs spread around the world as Pets. In their behavior a lot of pure dog shit: they are attached to their master, loves to be stroked and scratched, trainable. Continue reading